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Angola: New Private Investment Law

(Aug. 27, 2015) On August 11, 2015, Angola published in its Official Gazette a new private investment law, which was approved by Law No. 14 of August 11, 2015 (Lei do Investimento Privado, Lei No. 14/15, de 11 de Agosto, IMPRENSA NACIONAL (from the drop down window, click on Diário da República Ia. Série No. […]

Angola: Constitution Will Become Available in Several Languages

(Feb. 12, 2015) On February 5, 2015, Angolan National Assembly Deputy Emílio Homem anounced that a technical commission coordinated by the Angolan Ministry of Territory Administration will prepare the translation of the Angolan Constitution into several languages. (Angola: Constituição Ganha “Réplica” em Língua Estrangeira, ANGOP (Feb. 5, 2015).) The Constitution is in Portuguese and, according […]

Angola: Anti-Terrorism and Money Laundering Law

(Feb. 28, 2014) On February 10, 2014, Angola’s National Assembly (the parliament) enacted Law No. 3, which further criminalizes money laundering offenses related to the financing of terrorism (Lei No. 3/14, de 10 de Fevereiro, Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Angola website [choose Legislação Complementar Relevante in category dropdown box […]

Angola: Money Laundering to Be Monitored by the Central Bank

(Jan. 10, 2011) The Governor of the Angolan Central Bank, José Lima Massano, recently announced that in the beginning of 2011 the bank will create a unit designed to prevent and detect acts that use the Angolan financial system to finance terrorism and money laundering. Massano anticipated that the unit will become operational during the […]

Angola: New Tax Regime to Be Instituted

(Sept. 8, 2010) During a news conference on Friday, September 4, 2010, the Angolan Minister of State, Carlos Feijo, was quoted as saying that the government will soon revise the country's tax regime. According to Feijo, the revised tax regime aims to improve tax collection, increase tax revenues, and address complaints of government officials that […]

Angola: Parliament Approves Money Laundering Law

(June 3, 2010) On May 27, 2010, the Angolan Parliament unanimously approved a law to fight money laundering and terrorism financing. The law has 60 articles and, in regard to criminal responsibility of persons, includes punishments of up to 24 years in prison. According to a report prepared by the Angolan Commissions of Constitutional and […]

Angola: U.N. Office Ordered to Shut Down

(May 2, 2008) The United Nations Office for Human Rights has until May 31, 2008, to close its office in Angola by order of the Angolan government. According to Vegard Bye, Chief of the U.N. Office in Angola, on March 4, 2008, Manuel Aragão, Angolan Minister of Justice, officially communicated to the U.N. High Commission […]