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Algeria: Governmental Assistance for Elderly Defined by Executive Order

(Dec. 14, 2016) Algerian law gives the elderly in need the right to in-home governmental assistance, leaving the implementation process to the executive branch.  (Law Concerning the Protection of the Elderly, No. 12 of 2010, arts. 21 & 23, JOURNAL OFFICIEL (in Arabic).)  An elderly person is defined as a person who is 65 years […]

Algeria: New Mining Law Adopted

(May 30, 2014) On February 24, 2014, Algeria adopted a new Mining Law, Law 14-05. It was published in issue 18 of the Official Gazette on March 30. (Imène Boukadoum & Madonna Gerber, Algeria: Entry into Force of the New Mining Law, LEXOLOGY (Apr. 29, 2014); Ridha Hamzaoui, Algeria: New Mining Law Published, TAX NEWS […]

Algeria: New Finance Law Published

(Jan. 23, 2013) On December 30, 2012, Algeria’s Finance Law 2013 appeared in the country’s official gazette. (Monia Naoum, Algeria: Finance Law 2013 Published, TAX NEWS SERVICE (Jan. 18, 2013), International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) online subscription database.) Some key provisions of the law were reported previously, when the draft was adopted by the […]

Algeria: Campaign to Amend Constitution

(Aug. 27, 2008) It was reported on August 27, 2008, that at a massive meeting held in the city of Blida, the National Liberation Front, which controls the majority in the Algerian Parliament, initiated a campaign to amend the Constitution and allow the President of the Republic, Abdul Alaziz Boutafliqa, to remain in power for […]

Algeria: Detention of Bin Haj for Describing Judge as Liar

(July 2, 2008) On June 17, 2008, Ali Bin Haj, the second in command of the banned “Islamic Front for Rescue” in Algeria was temporarily arrested by members of the security force. His son speculated that his father was arrested as a result of describing the public prosecutor of the “Capital Judicial Council” as a […]