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Israel: Facing Criminal Trial, Prime Minister Finds Authority Limited by Supreme Court Decision Upholding Attorney General’s Conflict of Interest Opinion

(Apr. 2, 2021) As Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Binyamin Netanyahu faces hearings scheduled to begin on April 5, 2021, in his criminal trial for charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust, he finds his prime ministerial authority limited by a recent decision of the Israeli Supreme Court, sitting as a High Court of Justice […]

Israel: With Half the Population Vaccinated, Ministry of Health Issues COVID-19 Certificates of Vaccination or Recovery and “Green Passes”

(Mar. 25, 2021) On March 15, 2021, Israel became the first country to have fully vaccinated more than half its population using the Pfizer vaccine. Vaccinated Israelis and those who have recovered from COVID-19 may apply to the Ministry of Health (MOH) for a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of recovery, as well as for […]

Saint Lucia: Restrictions on Use of Tobacco Products in Public Places Adopted

(Jan. 29, 2021) On June 2, 2020, Saint Lucia Minister of Health Mary Isaac issued the Public Health (Smoking Control) Regulations, 2020. The regulations were issued on the basis of the minister’s authority in accordance with section 9 of the Public Health Act, Cap. 11.01, as amended by the Public Health (Amendment) Act, 2019. According […]

Israel: High Court Rejects Petition to Open Criminal Investigation against Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Wexner Foundation

(Jan. 22, 2021) On December 29, 2020, Israel’s High Court rejected outright a petition by current Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyau’s Likud party to open a criminal investigation against former Prime Minister Ehud Barak and the Wexner Foundation. (HC 3194/20 Likud v. Attorney General.) Ehud Barak is a political rival of Netanyahu. Background The petition centers […]

Jamaica: House of Representatives Passes Bills Easing Admission of Drug Crime Evidence

(Jan. 15, 2021) On December 8, 2020, Jamaica’s House of Representatives passed amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act, 1948, and the Evidence Act, 1843. If enacted, the amendments would introduce new procedures for securing and disposing of drugs seized in connection with drug crimes and enable the admission of drug samples and recorded images as […]

Israel: Law for Removal of Guardianship from Parents Convicted of Serious Domestic Offenses Adopted

(Jan. 15, 2021) On December 14, 2020, the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) passed legislation to remove guardianship from a parent of a minor child when the parent has been convicted of the murder or attempted murder of the child’s other parent or the parent’s other children, or of raping or sodomizing any of the parent’s children. […]

Israel: Ministry of Health to Issue “Green Passports” to Those Who Vaccinate against or Have Recovered from Coronavirus

(Jan. 11, 2021) On January 4, 2021, the Ministry of Health (MOH) presented to the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) for its consideration a new app that would allow persons who have been vaccinated against or have recovered from the coronavirus to enter certain places and engage in certain activities. […]

Israel: Knesset Freezes Salaries of Members Due to Impact of COVID-19 on Economy

(Dec. 18, 2020) On November 23, 2020, the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) adopted temporary legislation to freeze the salaries of Knesset members (KMs) for 2021. (Law for Cancelling Knesset Members’ Salaries for the Year 2021 (Temporary Order) 5781-2020, Sefer HaHukim [SH] (official gazette) 5781 No. 2869 p. 94.) According to the Knesset Members’ Salary Decision, 5747-1987, […]

Israel: Knesset Establishes Consumer Opt-Out Register and Authorizes Issue of Temporary Protection Injunctions

(Dec. 16, 2020) On November 23, 2020, the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) passed an amendment to the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, as amended, to enable consumers to opt out of phone and digital marketing communications and to authorize the issue of temporary injunctions for the protection of consumers, including persons “with special characteristics”—that is, those who may […]

Israel: Privacy Protection Requirements for Conducting COVID-19 Epidemiological Investigations Issued

(Dec. 10, 2020) On November 25, 2020, Israel’s Privacy Protection Authority (PPA) issued clarifications regarding the protection of privacy during epidemiological investigations and the protection of personal data retrieved during COVID-19 contact tracing. The clarifications were contained in a document entitled Emphasizing Privacy Protection in Epidemiological Investigations Aimed at Cutting the Coronavirus Chain of Infection […]