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Uganda: Bill Would Impose Tougher Restrictions on Tobacco

(Mar. 13, 2009) It was reported on March 4, 2009, that the Ugandan government is gearing up to propose the Tobacco Bill of 2009, which would impose tougher limits on the use of tobacco in the country. This bill, if passed into law, would put an end to advertising of tobacco in the media and its sale and consumption in public places. The bill requires any person dealing in tobacco products to obtain a license and bans the sale of tobacco in small quantities. According to the bill, “a tobacco product shall not be sold in single units, and every sale shall be by package containing not less than 20 units of the products.” (Conan Businge, Tough Anti-Tobacco Law in Offing, THE NEW VISION, Mar. 4, 2009, available at

Uganda signed the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in 2004 and immediately afterwards published the National Environment (Control of Smoking in Public Places) Regulations No. 12 of 2004, which imposed limited restrictions on smoking in some public places and on public transportation. The definition of a public place under those Regulations is limited; it does not prohibit smoking in pubic places or on public transportation if the area in which the smoking takes place is separate from others and well ventilated and if non-smoking members of the public and employees are not required to be there. (Id.)