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Spain: National Directorate on Traffic Issues Regulation on Electric Scooters

(Dec. 18, 2019) On December 4, 2019, the National Directorate on Traffic issued temporary instructions regulating the use of vehicles of personal mobility (vehículos de movilidad personal, VMPs) and segways until an official permanent regulation is issued.

According to the instructions, electric scooters with a maximum speed capability of 6 to 25 kph (about 3.7 to 15.5 mph) are considered VMPs. Those which do not exceed 6 kph are considered toys not subject to the regulation, and those which exceed 25 kph are strictly prohibited and subject to a fine of 500 euros (about US$557).

Scooter riders are not required to hold a driver’s license or insurance, but they are subject to drug and alcohol testing. Drug and alcohol infractions are subject to fines of 500–1000 euros (about US$557–$1,113).

Operating scooters with more than one person is subject to a fine of 100 euros (about US$111). Operating scooters in pedestrian zones is subject to a fine of 200 euros.

The use of handheld cellular phones on scooters, or of helmets or headphones connected to sound reproduction devices is prohibited, with violations subject to a fine of 200 euros.

The use of helmets and other protective measures or devices, as well as rules on the stopping and parking of scooters is to be regulated by each municipality.

When riding scooters at night, riders must use lights and wear reflective garments or devices. Noncompliance with this requirement is considered negligence and subject to a fine of 200 euros.

Infractions perpetrated by minors younger than 18 years old will result in joint liability with the minor’s parents or legal representatives.