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South Korea: Legalizing Abortion to Be Considered

(Mar. 2, 2008) The South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare drafted a new policy in late 2007 to seek more realistic measures to address the growing number of abortions in the country. These measures include changing the law that restricts abortions with criminal sanctions. The Ministry held a hearing on February 13, 2008. There is strong opposition to legalizing abortion in the country. Some experts believe, however, that legalizing abortion will not lead to an increase in abortion, because some countries with looser regulations, such as Japan, Australia, and Canada, have a lower rate of abortion than Korea does. (Jinkō ninshin chūzetsu no kyoyō hani kakudai meguri ronsō [Arguments over scope of legalized abortion], CHOSUNILBO, Feb. 14, 2008.)