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Romania: Abortion Permitted in Rape Case

(July 2, 2008) It was recently reported that Romania is making an exception to its laws to permit an eleven-year-old girl to have an abortion. The girl became pregnant after being raped by her uncle. Romanian law permits abortions only up until the 14th week of a pregnancy. The exception was approved by a government committee, which had received a letter of appeal from the young victim, stating that she wished to “go to school and to play” and that without the termination of her pregnancy, her life would be a nightmare. Vlad Iliescu, a member of the government committee that approved her request, said that the exception was granted because the girl was a victim of sexual abuse and would face “major risks to her mental health” without the procedure. The committee involved will now focus on clarifying the exception circumstances in which late-term abortions will be permitted. Some Christian Orthodox groups opposed the abortion, favoring allowing the child to give birth and have the baby raised by the Church, but the Romanian Orthodox Church had said that the decision should be made by the family. (Romanian Girl Permitted Abortion, BBC NEWS, June 27, 2008, available at hi/europe/7477448.stm.)