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Peru: Anti-Smoking Law

(Apr. 21, 2010) On April 1, 2010, the Peruvian Congress passed Law No. 29517, which declares all closed facilities, health care centers, educational centers, public and private means of transportation, and the interiors of workplaces to be smoke-free environments. (Ley No 29517 [in Spanish], Congress of the Republic of Peru website, (last visited Apr. 13, 2010).) The prohibition also applies to hotels, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment centers, but these establishments may include a separate smoking area, physically apart from non-smoking areas, that is equipped with fans to drive the smoke outdoors and with mechanisms to prevent the smoke from expanding to the non-smoking areas.

The Law also requires cigarette packs to include warning notices, covering at least 50% of each side of the pack, about the health risks of smoking. The packets must bear the warning phrase, “prohibited for sale to minors 18 years of age or younger.” The same warning is required to be used in the commercial advertising of cigarettes.

Commercial ads of cigarettes are forbidden on television and radio and at sports events attended by minors 18 years old and younger, as well as within a radius of 500 meters of schools. All public buildings are required to hang in a visible place a banner bearing the phrases, “smoking is a health hazard and is prohibited in public spaces” and “smoke-free facility.” (Congreso Aprobó Ley Antitabaco en Perú, DEPERU.COM, Mar. 20, 2010, available at