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Mexico/El Salvador/Guatemala/Honduras: Memorandum of Understanding on Labor Pilot Program

(Nov. 30, 2016) In October 2016, labor authorities from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras signed a memorandum of understanding providing for a labor pilot program whereby nationals of the Central American signatory countries may temporarily migrate to Mexico  to work in certain industries.  (Press Release, Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, Suscribe México Acuerdo Migratorio Laboral con El Salvador, Guatemala y Honduras (Oct. 14, 2016), Mexico’s Department of Labor website.)

Specifically, the pilot program will allow workers from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to migrate to Mexico for up to 180 days in order to work in agriculture-related activities and services during certain periods of high labor demand, and highly skilled Mexicans will also be allowed to work in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras temporarily. (Id.)  The pilot program will be in force for six months, during which time Mexico may admit up to 1,000 workers from each of the other signatory countries. (Id.)