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Macau: Smoking Ban in Public Places to Be Adopted

(June 5, 2009) The Macau Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China plans to amend its legislation on tobacco control to ban smoking indoors in all public facilities. According to the Director of the Health Bureau, speaking on May 31, 2009, on the occasion of Macau's “World No Tobacco Day” campaign, Decree-Law No. 21/96/M on the Regime of Smoking Prevention and Limitation will also have new provisions on fixed penalties and on warning labels to be placed on cigarette packs. Decree Law 21/96/M, which was promulgated on August 19, 1996, and in force on July 1, 1997, was last amended by Decree Law 10/97/M, promulgated on August 11, 1997. (Decree Law 10/97/M [in Chinese], available at (last visited June 2, 2009); Lei 10/97/M [in Portuguese], LEGISMAC,
(last visited June 2, 2009).)

Macau has reportedly already increased the duty on cigarettes MOP[pataca]0.05 (about US$0.006) to MOP0.2 (about US$0.025) per cigarette, a 300-percent increase. Health Bureau statistics indicate that 17 percent of the populace are smokers. (Macao to Ban Indoor Smoking in Public Places, XINHUANET, May 31, 2009, available at; World Health Organization, World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2009, (last visited June 2, 2009).)