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Italy: Day to Fight Abuse of Minors Established

(June 3, 2009) The Italian Parliament recently promulgated Law No. 41 of May 4, 2009, establishing May 5 as the national anti-pedophilia and anti-child pornography day, dedicated to reflection on the fight against abuse of minors.

The law stipulates that the activities organized for the occasion of the national day should be directed at sensitizing public opinion about the fight against the abuse of minors. At the same time, the regions, provinces, and municipalities of Italy should promote pertinent anti-pedophilia and anti-child pornography initiatives within the scope of their respective jurisdictions and areas of competence. Such initiatives may be carried out in coordination with associations and agencies operating in this field and, in particular, in schools of every order and grade, in consideration of the mission entrusted to the scholastic institutions, which are designed to train “young people to contribute in building a world respectful of the rights of every human being.” (Istituzione della Giornata nazionale contro la pedofilia e la pedopornografia, 101 GAZZETTA UFICIALE (May 4, 2009), available at