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Iran: Production, Distribution, and Sale of Obscene Computer Content Are Punishable

(Aug. 31, 2009) The Islamic House of Representatives introduced certain amendments to the Computer-Generated Crimes Bill in compliance with objections to the bill raised by the Guardian Council.

The principal article providing for punishment of those involved in illicit activities related to computer-generated obscene materials received final approval of the House. It states:

Every person who distributes or trades or produces or stores, with the purpose of doing business, obscene materials by means of computer facilities or communications or data input shall be sentenced to imprisonment of from 91 days to two years or a fine of from 5 million [about US$512] to 40 million Rials, or both.

(Production, Distribution and Sale of Obscene Computers Contents Are Punishable, ETTELA'AT NEWSPAPER, May 26, 2009, at 1.)