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Indonesia: Bali Council Adopts Stringent Anti-Smoking Rules

(Nov. 30, 2011) It was reported on November 28, 2011, that the Legislative Council of the Province of Bali endorsed harsh punishments for persons caught smoking in non-smoking areas. If approved by the Minister of Home Affairs, the provincial regulation would impose either a six-month term of imprisonment or a fine of Rp50 million (about US$5,500) for such infractions.

Under the regulation, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, houses of worship, health care institutions, schools, playgrounds, public transportation facilities including ports and airports, all government buildings, traditional markets, and entertainment venues are all designated as non-smoking areas. These places are also not allowed to sell or advertise cigarettes. According to Made Magku Pastika, the Governor of Bali, the regulation follows the mandate of the national Health Law of 2009 (Law No. 36/2009, issued on Oct. 13, 2009). He stated that enforcement of the new regulation will take some time and that he expects foreign tourists to comply more readily than the local population. (Bali Gets Tough on Smokers in Non-Smoking Areas, THEJAKARTA POST (Nov. 28, 2011); Indonesia – New Health Law, Makarim & Taira S. website (Mar. 2010).)