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Holy See (Vatican City State): Abortion Pill Not Innocent Drug for Health

(Jan. 12, 2009) The Vatican recently condemned the RU486 pill, which was approved by the Italian government in February 2008, because it is intended for abortion. Cardinal Javier Lozano Garragan, the Health Minister of the Holy See, stated: “[t]he Catholic Church understands the personal drama of a young woman who is pregnant against her will, but it condemns abortion, in whatever form it is practiced, because an innocent being is killed. An embryo is a human being, with all the rights of a human being.” He added that the pill is not an innocent drug for the benefit of a woman's health. The spokesman elaborated that having a child outside of marriage can be an understandable problem and a personal drama, but in the hierarchy of personal dramas the biggest is death, particularly if imposed on an innocent person – a child that has the right to live.

In addition to the Vatican, the Italian Undersecretary of Welfare, Eugenia Roccella, as well as the Minister of Youth, Georgia Meloni, warned against the use of the RU486 pill because of the potential danger to a woman's health. Meloni reminded the public that the pill was approved for abortion and for use in a hospital environment and she made a special appeal to young women, stating: “[d]o not consider the pill RU486 as a contraceptive, because it is not.” (Margherita De Bac, Il Vaticano: 'Pillola abortiva non e un farmaco innocente per la salute,' CORRIERE DELLA SERA, Dec. 15, 2008, at 1.