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Chile: Information Sharing with Other Countries

(July 11, 2017) On June 21, 2017, the Chilean parliament passed Law 21016 on facilitatating sharing of information, government to government, with other countries. (Ley 21016 Facilita el Intercambio Recíproco de Información con Otros Países, DIARIO OFICIAL (DO) (June 21, 2017), available at the Library of Congress of Chile website.) The rationale behind this measure is that Chile has become a recipient country of immigrants and needs to adjust its laws to this new reality.  The Law also serves the government’s goal of updating legal instruments to better combat international crime.  (Press Release, Senate of Chile, A ley proyecto que facilita intercambio recíproco de información con otros países [A Draft Law Facilitating Reciprocal Exchanges of Information with Other Countries] (May, 16, 2017).)

Law 21016 requires the Chilean Investigative Police (Policía de Investigaciones de Chile) and the National Police (Carabineros) to facilitate the sharing of information with foreign governments and entities.  (Id. arts. 2 & 3.)  Information sharing will be subject to the rules and restrictions established under domestic law, especially those affecting personal and private information protected under Law 19628 on the Protection of Privacy.  (Id. arts. 1 & 2; Ley sobre Protección de la Vida Privada, DO (Aug. 28, 1999), available at the Library of Congress of Chile website.) Sharing of information may never include the transfer of national databases or the direct access to such databases by a foreign government or its agencies or by international organizations.  (Id.)