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Brazil: People with HIV/AIDS Protected Against Discrimination

(June 9, 2014) On June 2, 2014, Brazil promulgated Law No. 12,984 (Lei No. 12.984, de 2 de Junho de 2014, PLANALTO), which criminalizes discrimination against people who are HIV-positive or have AIDS.

This Law establishes that discriminatory conduct against such persons because of their condition is considered a crime, to be punished with one to four years in prison and a fine. This conduct includes refusing, delaying, cancelling, or preventing the entry or stay of a person as a student in a daycare or educational institution for any course or school, public or private. It also includes denial of employment or work; dismissal or forced resignation from office or employment; segregation at work or in a school environment; disclosure of information that a person is HIV-positive or that the person has AIDS for the purpose of offending the person’s dignity; and denial or delay of health care. (Id.)