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Brazil: Decree Eliminates Need for Visiting Visas for Nationals of Australia, Canada, United States and Japan

(Mar. 26, 2019) On March 16, 2019, Brazil enacted Decree No. 9,731 (Decreto No. 9.731, de 16 de Março de 2019), which unilaterally determines that nationals of the Commonwealth of Australia, Canada, the United States of America, and Japan who are holders of valid passports no longer need visiting visas.

The Decree applies to those who

I – enter, leave, transit and remain in the territory of the Federative Republic of Brazil, with no intention of establishing residence, for the purposes of tourism, business, transit, artistic or sports activities or in exceptional situations by national interest; and

II – stay for a term of up to ninety days, renewable for an equal period, provided that it does not exceed one hundred and eighty days, every twelve months, counted from the date of the first entry into the Country. (Id. art. 1 (translation by author).)

The Decree enters into force on June 17, 2019. (Id. art. 3.)