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Argentina: Prohibition of Pesticide Use on Crops During Loading and Transportation

(Sept. 15, 2016) Argentina has banned the application of pesticides to crops while they are being loaded or transported.  Law 27262, adopted by Argentina’s parliament in July 2016, forbids the application of and/or treatment with any type of fumigant pesticide in connection with crops, their products and sub-products, cereals, and oil seeds during loading of such commodities into trucks or railroad cars and during transportation to their destination. (Ley 27262 Prohibición del uso y/o tratamiento sanitario con cualquier tipo de plaguicidas fumigantes en los granos, productos y subproductos, cereales y oleaginosas durante la carga de los mismos [Law 27262 on the Prohibition of the Use of, and/or Sanitary Treatment with, Any Type of Fumigant Pesticide in Crops, Products and Sub-Products, Cereals, and Oil Seeds During Loading], BOLETIN OFICIAL (July 26, 2016), art. 1.)

According to Law 27262, an official form will have to be completed that will include a sworn declaration that the products included on it have not been treated with any pesticide during loading or transportation. (Id. arts. 2 & 3.) Violators of the Law will be subject upon conviction to a fine equal to the amount corresponding to the sale of the merchandise transported that day and to confiscation of the merchandise. (Id. art. 7.) In the case of recurrent violations, the fines will be multiplied by the number of infractions. (Id. art. 7.)

The legislation was proposed after seven truck drivers died in Córdoba Province during 2009 and 2010 as a result of their exposure to phosphine (aluminium phosphide), a pesticide commonly used to fumigate crops, during 2009 and 2010. (Prohiben el Uso de Plaguicidas Fumigantes en Granos, Cereales y Oleaginosas durante su Traslado, TELAM (July 26, 2016).)