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Argentina: New Restrictions on Early Release and Other Former Dispensations Accorded Violent Criminals

(Aug. 9, 2017) On July 28, 2017, Law 27375 was promulgated to amend Law 24660 on the Execution of Criminal Sentences, prohibiting the early or conditional release or periodic exit from prison of criminals convicted of violent crimes, whether committed individually or with an organized group, such as aggravated homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping resulting in death, torture followed by murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping for extortion, resulting in death.  The Law also applies to criminals convicted of such offenses as human trafficking, anti-terrorist activities, terrorism financing, aggravated smuggling, and manufacturing and commercialization of narcotics.  (Ley 27375, Ejecución de la Pena Privativa de la Libertad [Implementation of the Deprivation of Freedom Penalty], Modificación Ley 24660, BOLETÍN OFICIAL [BO] (July 28, 2017), art. 56 bis; Law 24660, BO (July 16, 1996).)

Under the new law, persons convicted of these crimes will have to serve their sentences in prison and will no longer be considered for early release under any circumstances. (Promulgó Ley que Pone Límites a las Excarcelaciones por Delitos Graves [Law Enacted Placing Limits on Release for Serious Offenses], EL CRONISTA (July 28, 2017).)