b'CAPITAL CITYWith George Washingtons advocacy to move the capital to Washington, D.C., the city literally was put on the map. Pierre LEnfant, who designed the city plan, conceived the citys variable gridded plat. The plan elegantly frames the grand monuments that could only be imagined then, and now delineates the culturally distinct neighborhoods which grew in each quadrant. Our Prints and Photographs Division collections include vintage images of Washington, D.C.Suggested Reading:21105498 The White House is BurningReg. $19.99 Holiday Price $12.9921105351 Capital Dames: The Civil War and the Womenof Washington Reg. $27.99 Holiday Price $12.99.21105755 Chocolate City: A History of Race and Democracyin the Nations Capital Reg. $28.00 Holiday Price $24.99 Washington, D.C. Leather Journal Historic Washington, D.C. Calendar D.C. Icons Cards Washington, D.C. MugSupple leather hides are sourced from aTake in the wonder of the nations capital These cards intersect21401015U.S. Capitol Our mug is crafted of bone china with a contrasting Wisconsin tannery, then hand cut and in days gone by with 12 months of architecture and design. Each21401028 Lincoln Memorial architectural rendering of the U.S. Capitol building. laser-engraved with an antique map of D.C.watercolor images primarily from the pops up to feature an iconic21401009 Library of Congress 21508278 Bone China Mug $22.00Includes removable Moleskine insert.18th and 19th century.and historical Washington, D.C.Each $7.95 21408852 $118.00 21407266 $14.95building or monument.LEnfant Map Pashmina Washington, D.C. Then and Now Washington, D.C. Skyline Bookends Washington, D.C. ServewarePierre LEnfants plan for Washington, D.C. commissionedVintage black and white photographs areThe D.C. skyline is transferred by hand toOne porcelain platter shows playful elements that depict by George Washington, is screen printed on one end of thisblended with modern color photographs todurable wooden blocks. Designed with athe nations Capital, while the other outlines the skyline generously sized scarf made from linen-like bamboo.create a fascinating portrait of the evolutiondistressed look to convey the treasured with the names of popular sites. 100% cotton tea towel 21305069 $45.00 and history of the city since the dawn offamily collectible they are destined shows the 12 days of Christmas, Washington style.photography. Written by Alexander D. to become. Pair. 21305964 D.C. Tea Towel $12.00 Mitchell IV. Hardcover, 144 pages. 21501011 $49.0021501811 Historic Sites Tray $59.0021113310 $19.9521501810 Elements Tray$79.004 Library Exclusive | Made in USA | Americas Library loc.gov/shop | 1.888.682.3557 5'