b'SPRING ARRIVALS Buddha Bookends Buddha has been celebrated by poets and thestory of his souls journey has been retold formillennia. May he illuminate all those who gaze upon him with his bestowed wisdom. Aluminum with antiqued gold and weathered bronze finish. Haiku NotecardsPair, each 9"h. x 6"w. x 4"d. Each haiku contains in its 17 21501812 $85.00syllables a seasonal allusionWrite to Me, Letters from Japanese American paired with an exquisite ukiyo-eChildren to the Librarian They Left Behind print from a 19th or 20th An enduring real-life story of a librarian connected century master. Cherry to her young patrons through the letters written blossoms and swallows meanafter they are sent to prison camp as a reaction spring; red maple leaves andto the attack on Pearl Harbor. Written by Cynthia deer convey autumn. Grady. Illustrated by Amiko Hirao. Hardcover,20 blank 5" x 7" notecards 32 pages.and envelopes. 5 each of 21113307 Reg. $16.99 Spring Price $8.994 designs.21506372 $17.95 Japan and American Childrens Books For generations, childrens books providedAmerican readers with their first impressions ofJapan. Seemingly authoritative, and full offascinating details about daily life in a distant land, these publications often presented a mixture of facts, stereotypes and complete fabrications. Draws from the Librarys vast collections. Written by Sybille A. Jagusch with foreword by Dr. Carla J. Hayden. Paperback, 350 pages.Cloisonn Ink Pen Set 21108609 $49.99These elegant writinginstruments feature handCherry Blossoms: Sakura Collections from enameled florals on brass the Library of Congresswith black ink. Assorted set Explore Japanese culture while celebratingof 5. Colors will vary. Washingtons beloved cherry blossoms. FromApprox. 5"l. exquisite watercolor drawings of the original21503122 $30.00cherry trees gifted to Washington, D.C. to famousJapanese woodblock prints by master artists,this book celebrates cherry blossoms in many mediums. Written by Mari Nakahari and Katherine Blood, with forward by Carla D. Hayden. Softcover, 96 pages.21107177 $18.95Botanical Love Scarf Cherry BlossomThis natural beauty is designedGlass Ornament Floral Tea Canister Greenhouse Kitusing real botanicals placed inCelebrate spring with thisPerfect for storing your favoriteEvery season is in bloom and exemplifies gardening perfection with a modern XOXO design, which elegant decoration, enameled teas and sugars, each porcelainthis miniature kit. Assemble the greenhouse and every element to is then hand painted in with scrolls outlining the cherry canister is decorated with amake it grow including a gardening bench, watering can, artificial plants,vibrant tones. Evocative of blossoms bursting with vibrant traditional blue and white florala landscape painting and even a working light. Assembly required. floral bookplates from Robert color on this blown glass orb. motif. Lid has an antiqued brassFinished size approx. 7.67"h. x 6.9"w. x 6.9"d. Ages 6 and up.Thornton found in our RareApprox. 3"dia. ring for easy removal. Hand21504334 $44.95 Book and Special collections.21506373 $39.00wash only. 4.9"dia. x 4.3"h.Imported. High thread count 21508074 $25.00 cotton. 20" x 72".21304804 $59.004 Library Exclusive | Made in USA | Americas Library loc.gov/shop | 1.888.682.3557 5'