b'Ukiyo-e Blossom Scarf This elegant scarf features a collage of prints and drawings from the Library\'s collections. Features modern and classic Japanese ukiyo-e prints and cherry blossom drawings by Eishosai Choki, Helen Hyde, Utagawa Hiroshigi and many other artists. Imported. Printed on 100% silk. 54" x 14". 21304801 $55.00Cherry Blossom OrnamentThis elegant ornament features an image of theLibrary of Congress\' Thomas Jefferson Buildingsurrounded by colorful cherry blossoms. Cherryblossoms illuminate the nation\'s capital, including our grounds, each spring. Enameled brass. USA made. Gift boxed. 2" x 3". 21502050 $18.95 CHERRYCherry Blossom Earrings The softest blush pink of the sakura petals ofthese earrings is hand painted over cast pewter and accented with a pearl drop. BLOSSOM 215091156 Pierced Post215091234 Pierced EurowireEach $45.00 Cherry Blossom SweatshirtOur pullover sweatshirt is made of lightweightcotton and decorated with gentle pink cherryblossoms. Cotton/poly blend. Specify size:S 21303737, M 21303738, L 21303739,XL 21303740, XXL 21303741Each $45.00 Cherry Blossom YukataThe cherry blossoms on these flowering treesrepresent awakening and hope, much likespringtime. The cranes represent good fortune.This beautiful robe brings a fresh look on abeautiful day. Belt included. 100% cotton. 54"l.One size fits most. Made in Japan.21305015 $79.00Cherry Blossom JournalsRecord your thoughts in this genuine leather journal debossed with a girl reading beneath a cherryblossom tree. Includes enameled tree charm on leather cord. 100 refillable unlined pages. The foiled pocket journal is taken from Hiroshiges plumgarden print. 176 pages.21408845Leather, 7.25"l. x 5"w. $22.00211050462 Plum Garden, approx. 6"l. x 4"w.Reg. $12.99 Spring Price $9.99Cherry Blossom TablescapeBeautiful enough for chaji (formal tea presentation), but practical enough for chakai (informal teagatherings). Our stunning tea set combinescontemporary design and delicate blooms. Pot,6.5" (17 oz.) and five (2 oz.) cups. Add to yourservice our decorated 100% cotton tea towel.Finish with fragrant organic green tea with a touch of tart cherries.21508175 Tea Set $48.00 21505811 Tea, 10 infusers $24.9521305971 Tea Towel, Approx. 20" x 25" $15.00 2 Library Exclusive | Made in USA | Americas Library loc.gov/shop | 1.888.682.3557 3'