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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Ashley S. Hutto
Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: December 2012

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFC 1940/002: Juan B. Rael Collection
Approximately 650 pages of correspondence, recording logs, song text transcriptions, excerpts from publications, and 8 hours of audio recordings on 36 12-inch discs of religious and secular music of Spanish-speaking residents of rural Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. It contains correspondence, administrative materials, recording logs, song transcriptions and translations, and materials generated in the process of creating the online presentation. In 1940, Juan Bautista Rael of Stanford University, a native of Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico, used disc recording equipment supplied by the Archive of American Folk Song (now the Archive of Folk Culture, American Folklife Center) to document alabados (hymns), folk drama, wedding songs, and dance tunes in Alamosa, Manassa, and Antonito, Colorado, and in Cerro and Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico. [catalog record] [online presentation] [finding aid]

AFS 3918-3927: Ten discs containing 44 Mexican songs recorded in Antonito, Colorado, August 4, 1940. (1 hour and 50 minutes; preservation tape LWO 4872 reel 257)

AFC 1941/004: "Man-on-the-Street" Interviews Collection
Six 16-inch and 15 12-inch discs of interviews documenting the reactions of the "person on the street" to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the United States Declaration of War. Recorded in Colorado, Indiana, New York, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington, D.C., by Bob Allen, Philip Cohen, Fletcher Collins, John Henry Faulk, Charles Harrell, Alan Lomax, John A. Lomax, Robert Sonkin, and Charles Todd, December 8-10, 1941, as part of the Library of Congress Radio Research Project, for use in the Office of Emergency Management Radio Section Program, "Dear Mr. President." [catalog record] [online presentation]

AFS 6453A: One disc containing interviews with several individuals, recorded in Denver, Colorado, December 9, 1941. (10 minutes; preservation tape LWO 3493 reel 45B)

AFC 1942/024: Willard Rhodes 1942-1943 Field Recordings Collection
Fifty-seven 12-inch discs of Sioux, Assiniboine, Ute, and Navajo songs recorded by Willard Rhodes in 1942 in Wanblee and Pine Ridge, South Dakota; Towaoc and Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado; Toadalena, Shiprock, and Fort Wingate, New Mexico; Pine Springs, Fort Defiance, and Lukachukai, Arizona. The collection also includes two Potawatomi songs recorded in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1943. The recordings were made for the Bureau of Indian Affairs Education Division.

AFS 12,174-12,176A: Three discs containing 24 Southern Ute songs, recorded in Towaoc, Colorado, summer 1942. (20 minutes; preservation tape LWO 5111 reel 394B)

AFS 12,180-12,181: Two discs containing 7 Navajo songs, recorded in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, summer 1942. (15 minutes; preservation tape LWO 5111 reel 395A)

AFC 1948/042: Mischau Children of Denver, Colorado
One 16-inch disc of 12 songs sung by the Mischau children recorded in Denver, Colorado. Accessioned March 1948. (15 minutes; preservation tape LWO 5111 reel 152A) (AFS 8861)

AFC 1950/007: Arthur L. Campa Collection of Spanish Folk Songs
Thirty 12-inch discs of 50 Mexican songs, 30 songs sung in English, and 4 instrumentals. Recorded at the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, by Don Almera, Arthur L. Campa, and Roberto Peraza, 1948-50. (4 hours and 15 minutes; preservation tape LWO 5111 reels 247-249A) (AFS 9629-9658; AFS 10,119-10,131) [catalog record]

AFC 1965/013: Arminta Neal Recordings
One 3-inch tape of "Find a Wife" and "Little Mohea" sung with guitar by Arminta Neal. Recorded in Denver, Colorado, by Neal, ca. 1965. These songs were learned from her rommate, Doris Sanford, who heard them from her grandmother, Mrs. Clara Pettiford, of Reiner, Illinois. The collection includes one page of notes. (10 minutes; LWO 4467) (AFS 12,320) [catalog record]

AFC 1970/042: Benjamin A. Botkin Duplication Project
Four 10-inch tapes of narratives, radio programs, and songs recorded in California, Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, and Washington, D.C., by Benjamin A. Botkin and the Voice of America, 1949-58. The collection includes five pages of notes. Includes Botkin's Western trip of 1950, Voice of America folklore programs; air checks from ca. 1952-53 including a program honoring Carl Sandburg's 75th birthday; and selections from Botkin's Southern trip of 1949. [catalog record]

AFS 14,218B1-5: One tape containing 5 poems written and spoken by Tom Ferril, recorded in Denver, Colorado, by Benjamin A. Botkin, July 19, 1950. (30 minutes; LWO 6080 reel 1B)

AFS 14,218B6: One tape containing "This is America" from Coronet Magazine, read by Chris Richards, recorded in Denver, Colorado, by Benjamin A. Botkin, July 19, 1950. (1 minute; LWO 6080 reel 1B)

AFS 14,218B7: One tape containing an interview about Central City, Colorado, with Louis Carter, recorded in Denver, Colorado, by Benjamin A. Botkin, July 20, 1950. (29 minutes; LWO 6080 reel 1B)

AFS 14,221A8-11: One tape containing 4 stories spoken by Levette J. Davidson, recorded in Denver, Colorado, by Benjamin A. Botkin, July 25, 1950. (15 minutes; LWO 6080 reel 4A)

AFC 1972/035: Omer C. Stewart Collection of American Indian Peyote Songs
Seven 12-inch discs of American Indian Peyote and other songs recorded by Omer C. Stewart from Northern Paiute, Washo, and Ute singers in Colorado, Nevada and California, 1938, etc.: their repertory also included Comanche, Kickapoo, Kiowa, Miwok, Navajo and Shoshone songs. An additional part of the collection is the 10-inch disc containing six Arapaho peyote songs recorded for Ruth M. Underhill by Frank S. Speck in Oklahoma, 1950. The discs were copied on to preservation tapes in September 1972 (LWO 7040) and again in 1977 (LWO 9545). The collection includes lists, correspondence, and two transcriptions. (AFS 15,090-15,097; AFS 15,229; AFS 18,993)

AFC 1976/014: Jack Manischewitz Duplication Project
Six 10-inch tapes of primarily Yiddish songs recorded in Cincinnati; Denver; New York City; Pittsburgh; West Orange, New Jersey; and elsewhere by Jack Manischewitz, 1957-61. The collection includes 32 pages of notes. [catalog record]

AFS 18,053B5-6: One tape containing "The Tortoise and the Hare" and "Komodiuta" sung in Japanese by Terry Touff and En Kanokosugi. Recorded in Denver, Colorado, 1957. (4 minutes; LWO 8692 reel 1B)

AFS 21,294-21,309; 21,317: Federal Cylinder Project - Herzog
Seventeen 10-inch tapes of Navajo Creation Chants, originally recorded on 693 cylinders in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, by George Herzog, September 1929. (34 hours; LWO 8830 reels 1-16, 24)

AFC 1980/019: Urban Folklore from Colorado: Photocopy Cartoons
Edited by Louis Michael Bell, Cathy M. Orr, and Michael J. Preston. Degree date: 1976. [catalog record]

AFC 1980/021: Urban Folklore from Colorado: Typescript Broadsides
Edited by Cahty Makin Orr and Michael J. Preston [catalog record]

AFC 1981/018: Ethnic Broadcasting in America Collection
Eighteen 7-inch tapes, 2 5-inch tapes, and 117 cassettes of ethnic radio broadcasts recorded for the Ethnic Broadcasting in America Project of the American Folklife Center. Recorded mostly off the air by Elena Bradunas, Theodore Grame, Alan Jabbour, and others at various locations in the United States, 1977-78. Documentation includes Theodore Grame's Ethnic Broadcasting in the United States (Washington, D.C.: American Folklife Center, 1980) and 9 linear inches of manuscript materials. [catalog record]

AFS 23,019: One cassette containing a German program on KADX, Denver, Colorado, November 6, 1977. (30 minutes; RYA 2887)

AFS 23,040: One cassette containing a Mexican program on KPNO, Denver, Colorado, November 7, 1977. (1 hour; RYA 2905)

AFS 23,046B: One cassette containing a Ute program on KSUT, Ignacio, Colorado, April 26 28, 1978. (30 minutes; RYA 2911B)

AFC 1984/015: International Design Conference in Aspen Collection
Two audiocassettes of National Endowment for the Arts Fellows presentations at the 1984 International Design Conference in Aspen. Lectures include Molly Smith on the Perserverance Theatre of Alaska; Alan Jabbour on cultural flow and interchange in North America based upon American Folklife Center field projects; and Tom Hodne on architecture. Recorded in Aspen, Colorado, June 21, 1984.

AFS 24,204: Colorado State Folk Arts Program / "Do Not Pass Me By" Collection
One cassette of a 13-part radio series, entitled "Do Not Pass Me By," documenting musical and spoken traditions of Colorado. Recorded at various locations in Colorado by David A. Brose, 1983-84, for the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities, and narrated for KCFR-FM, Denver, Colorado, by Harry M. Tuft. (1 hour and 30 minutes; RYA 5271)

AFS 24,205: Colorado State Folk Arts Program / "Nyle Henderson: Cowboy Poet" Collection
One 7-inch tape of 2 cowboy poems spoken by Nyle Henderson. Recorded in Delta County, Colorado, by David A. Brose, 1982, for the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities, and narrated for KCFR-FM, Denver, Colorado, by Harry M. Tuft. The collection includes 8 pages of notes. (10 minutes; RYA 6216)

AFC 1986/022: Center for Applied Linguistics / American English Dialect Recordings Collection
Fifty-nine 10-inch tapes of speech samples, linguistic interviews, oral histories, conversations, and excerpts from public speeches recorded at various locations in North America by various collectors, and compiled by the Center for Applied Linguistics for a project entitled "A Survey and Collection of American English Dialect Recordings." The collection includes fourteen linear inches of documentation, including an introduction and preface, a list of contents, content summaries, and transcripts. Collectors and interviewees vary, representing approximately 43 states, as well as Washington, D.C., Canada, and Puerto Rico. [catalog record] [online presentation]

AFS 24,307-24,308: Two tapes containing oral history interviews with residents of Mesa County, Colorado, including Basque, Dutch, and German immigrants ranging in age from 54 to 89 years. Recorded in Mesa County, Colorado, 1972-83. (4 hours, RWB 3857-3858)

AFC 1986/023: Rio Grande Arts Center / "Tradiciones del Valle" Collection
One hundred eighteen 7-inch tapes of Anglo-American fiddle tunes and songs, and primarily Hispanic popular and traditional musical forms; also includes customs, interviews, proverbs, riddles, and stories. Recorded in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico by Dana Everts, May September 1985, for the Rio Grande Arts Center. The collection includes 2 linear inches of notes.

AFS 26,270-26,271; 26,276-26,305; 26,311-26,369; 26,375-26,387: One hundred and four tapes containing customs, interviews, proverbs, riddles, songs, and stories. Recorded in Alamosa, Antonito, Blanca, Capulin, Center, Chama, Garcia, Hooper, La Jara, Las Mesitas, Los Sauces, Manassa, Moffat, Mogote, Monte Vista, Ortiz, San Luis, and San Pablo, Colorado, May 25 August 23, 1985. (103 hours; RXA 7656-7657, 7662-7691, 7697-7755, 7761-7773)

AFC 1988/020: Michael A. Gowan / Colorado Dutch Hop Collection
Thirty 7-inch tapes and 2 cassettes of Dutch Hop instrumentals and songs performed by nine Volga German bands. Recorded in Colorado by Michael A. Gowan, October 1986 May 1987. The collection includes 50 pages of brochures, correspondence, lists, and summaries. (15 hours)

AFC 1989/022: Italian-Americans in the West Project Collection
The collection consists of manuscript materials, sound recordings, graphic materials, and moving images related to the American Folklife Center's field research project that focused on the cultural traditions of Italian Americans in the western United States. The materials in the collection were compiled between the years 1988 and 1993; the field research took place from 1989 to 1991. Teams of professional folklife researchers documented many aspects of Italian American folklife at five project sites: Gilroy and San Pedro, California; Pueblo, Colorado; mining and ranching communities in eastern and central Nevada; Carbon County, Utah; and Walla Walla, Washington. [catalog record] [finding aid]

AFC 1991/031: Colorado Folklife Project Collection, 1980
Twelve 7-inch tapes, 1 5-inch tape, and 4 cassettes from the Colorado Project, a field survey demonstrating folkloristic methodology and the particulars of research on local history, material culture, and ranching traditions in the Blue River Valley area of Colorado. Recorded in Breckenridge and Frisco, Colorado, by Elke Detmer, Howard W. Marshall, and Barbara Orbach, August 1980. The collection includes 1 linear inch of black-and-white negatives, 1 linear inch of black-and-white contact sheets, 18 linear inches of color slides, 10 linear inches of fieldnotes and logs, and 50 pages of inventories. (10 hours and 22 minutes; RXA 4005-4017, RYA 2609-2612) (AFS 22,440-22,456)

AFC 1994/010: "Saint Joseph isn't just for Italians": A Hispanic Recreation of a Sicilian Home Altar Tradition by Paula Manini
Paula Manini's M.A. thesis (University of Texas-Austin, 1994), based on her experiences in Pueblo, Colorado, when she was part of the American Folklife Center's "Italian-Americans in the West" field project team. Manini describes and analyzed an Hispanic recreation of the Sicilian Saint Joseph's table tradition that she encountered in Pueblo.

AFC 1994/012: Colorado Field School Collection, 1994
The University of New Mexico, Colorado College, and the American Folklife Center held a field school in 1994 to document the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado. The nine students explored the town of San Luis and the nearby farm owned by Corpus Aquino Gallegos and his family. Photographs were collected by Christe Esquibel, Miguel Gandert, Laura Hunt, John Lawson, Mario Lozoya, Beverly Morris, Constance Romero, and Roberto Venegas. Collection consists of color slides and 1 videotape.

AFC 1995/015: W. Dean Edwards Collection
Three cassettes and 5 videocassettes of demonstrations of square, round, and contradancing by the "Fun Finders." Recorded in Colorado Springs, Colorado, by Dean Edwards, 1993. The collection includes 15 brochures, 5 color photographs, and 12 pages of correspondence and notes. (9 hours) [catalog record]

AFC 1995/044: Colorado Springs Field School Collection, 1995
Thirty-nine folders of manuscript material, 26 sound recordings, 1 VHS videocassette, 626 color slides, and 12 computer diskettes. The University of New Mexico, Colorado College, and the American Folklife Center held the second annual field school, "Documenting Traditional Culture: An Introductory Field School", in Colorado Springs, Colorado during July 1995. The fieldwork focused on documenting the seasonal farmers' markets in the Colorado Springs area. The material was collected by Troy Fernandez, Bridget Gallegos, Rudy Guglielmo, Su Hudson, Emily Kodama, Enrique Lamadrid, Marisa Nelson, Donna Osborn, Tomás Peña, Mary Ross, Xochitl Shuru, and David Taylor. [catalog record]

AFC 1997/011: Lands' End All-American Quilt Collection
Lands' End in cooperation with Good Housekeeping magazine sponsored quilt contests in 1992, 1994, and 1996. The collection,housed in 154 boxes, consists of visual images, entry blanks, and essays written by entrants, as well as Lands End administrative files and correspondence pertinent to the promotion of the contest. Approximately 13,100 entries for the three contests came from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Numerous types and styles of needlework, quilting, patchwork, applique and embroidery are represented among the visual images. [catalog record] [finding aid] [online presentation]

AFC 2000/001: Local Legacies Collection
Four hundred and five linear feet (approximately 90,000 manuscript pages, 475 sound recordings, 13,270 graphic materials, 335 electronic media, and 75 artifacts) of documentation of local festivals, fairs, parades, and other community-based events from each U.S. state, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories and trusts. The Local Legacies Collection was donated through the efforts of individuals, organizations, and institutions asked to participate by members of Congress. This project was part of the Library of Congress Bicentennial celebration in the year 2000. [catalog record] [online presentation] [Colorado Local Legacies]

AFC 2001/015: September 11, 2001, Documentary Project Collection
The collection documents reactions of ordinary citizens in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States through sound and video recordings of interviews and personal narratives; as well as photographs, children's drawings, two scrapbooks, letters and e-mail, poems, ephemera, and a few artifacts. Some items were submitted as group projects of schools, libraries, and museums from 30 states in the U.S., and from American military service personnel and their families in Naples, Italy. [catalog record] [finding aid] [online presentation]

AFC 2001/015: SR033-068: Thirty-six audiocassettes containing 38 interviews with students attending Colorado College concerning September 11, 2001. Recorded in Colorado Springs, Colorado, January-February, 2002.

AFC 2001/015: SR074-079: Six audiocassettes containing interviews and class discussions concerning September 11, 2001. Recorded at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, October 21-22, 2001.

AFC 2003/047: Roberto and Lorenzo Martinez Interview Collection
Collection consists of biographical and publicity materials for an American Folklife Center sponsored concert, "Roberto & Lorenzo Martinez and the Spanish colonial music and dance of New Mexico," scheduled for September 18, 2003, and canceled due to Hurricane Isabel. A sound recording of an interview with Roberto and Lorenzo Martinez, conducted by New Mexico folk arts coordinator, Claude Stephenson, was recorded on August 27, 2003 and is part of the collection. Roberto Martinez discusses performing in Colorado and Wyoming before moving to New Mexico, discusses corridos he has composed, and discusses performing on radio. His son Lorenzo, a violin player, talks about learning and performing traditional music of New Mexico, some of which was learned from his mother and grandmother. Also included are 4 photographic prints of the performers. [catalog record]

AFC 2008/009: Opalanga Pugh Concert and Interview Collection
Audio and video of African American storytelling and music from Colorado performed by Opalanga Pugh. Includes two interviews conducted by Georgia Wier. Recorded in Coolidge Auditorium at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., May 28, 2008. Part of the Homegrown Concert Series. [catalog record] [event flyer and webcast]


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