Words Like Sapphires: 100 Years of Hebraica at the Library of Congress, 1912–2012

This exhibition was developed under the leadership of James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress.

This exhibition was made possible by the generous support of the Abby and Emily Rapoport Trust Fund and the Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Trust Fund at the Library of Congress.

The Library of Congress also thanks the Sami and Annie Totah Family Foundation for its donation for the exhibition.

Exhibition Team

  • William Jacobs, Chief, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Kimberli Curry, Exhibition Director, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Karen Werth, Production Officer, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Tambra Johnson Reap, Registrar, Interpretive Programs Office

Exhibiton Curator

  • Peggy K. Pearlstein, Head, Hebraic Section, African and Middle Eastern Division
  • Ann Brener, Assistant to the Curator, Area Specialist, Hebraic Section, African and Middle Eastern Division

Interpretive Programs Staff

Denise Agee, Vicki Fortuno, Martha Hopkins, Carroll Johnson-Welsh, David Jung, Susan Mordan-White, Betsy Nahum-Miller, Cheryl Regan, Marc Roman, Patrick Shepler, Christopher O’Connor, Rachel Waldron, and Cynthia Wayne

Special thanks are due to the following members of the Library of Congress staff for their assistance with this exhibition:

Mary-Jane Deeb, Chief, African and Middle Eastern Division; Rachel Becker, Sharon Horowitz, and Fentahun Tiruneh, Hebraic Section, African and Middle Eastern Division; Kaare Chaffee, Dan Paterson, and Claire Dekle, Conservation Division; Andrew Cook and Jade Curtis, ITS Scan Center; Dorothy Gholston, Print Management Section; Stanley Bandong, Graphic Art Services Unit; Audrey Fischer, Public Affairs Office; Jim Karamanis, Thip Padavong, Rohit Gupta, Laura Moiseev, Qun Lai, Web Services

The Library of Congress expresses gratitude to Dr. Michael W. Grunberger, Director of Collections at  the United States Holocaust Museum, for his guidance in developing this exhibition.

Exhibition and Brochure Design

Riggs Ward Design, Richmond, Virginia

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