Humor's Edge Pulitzer Prize-winning Cartoons by Ann Telnaes

Staff for the Exhibition

Prints and Photographs Division

  • Jeremy Adamson, Chief
  • Harry L. Katz, Head Curator, Exhibition Co-Curator
  • Sara Willett Duke, Assistant Curator, Popular and Applied Graphic Art
  • Martha H. Kennedy, Exhibition Co-Curator and Curatorial Project Assistant
  • Cheryl McCullers, Curatorial Assistant

Interpretive Programs Office

  • Irene Chambers, Chief
  • Martha E. Hopkins, Exhibition Director
  • Deborah Durbeck, Production Officer
  • Tambra Johnson, Registrar
  • Rachel Waldron, Assistant Registrar
  • Giulia Adelfio, Denise Agee, Tracey Avant, Krystal Board, Kimberli Curry, Seth de Matties, David Hayward, Carroll Johnson, Antonio La Greca, Susan Mordan, Betsy Nahum-Miller, Chris O'Connor, Cheryl Regan, and Pamela Steele

Conservation Office

Rikki Condon, Holly Krueger, and Lida Husik

Network Development & MARC Standards Office

Julianne Mangin and Elizabeth Miller

Information Technology Services

Domenic Sergi, Ronnie Hawkins, Christopher J. Pohlhaus, and Jade Curtis

Printing Management Section

Onetta Benoit

Exhibition Design

Riggs-Ward Design, L.C.

The exhibition curators thank Linda Osborne and Angelina Keating of the Library of Congress Publishing Office for their contributions to Humor's Edge: Cartoons by Ann Telnaes, the book published in conjunction with the exhibition.

The Library of Congress gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Tribune Media Services, Women's eNews (external link), and King Features Syndicate for permission to reproduce works by Ann Telnaes in this brochure and in the exhibition.

The exhibition and brochure were prepared with funds provided by the Caroline and Erwin Swann Memorial Fund for Caricature and Cartoon. The Swann Fund supports an ongoing program at the Library of Congress of preservation, publication, exhibition, acquisition, and scholarly research in the related fields of cartoon, caricature, and illustration.

All drawings are gifts of the artist and are preserved in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress. They are protected by copyright.

Reproduction Numbers

Library of Congress reproduction numbers, beginning either with the prefix "LC-USZ62" (black and white negative), or "LC-DIG" (digital scan), are provided here for the reader's convenience in obtaining reproductions from the Library's Photoduplication Service. Reproduction of works in this exhibition is restricted by copyright law. Reproduction numbers refer only to original drawings (black and white), not color prints produced from digital files not held by the Library.