March 1908
Pearson's Magazine publishes "Creelman interview" with President Díaz, stating that Mexico is ready for democracy and a new leader.
October 1910
Francisco Madero writes "Plan of San Luis Potosí" in San Antonio, Texas, calling for all Mexicans to rise up against the dictator on November 20, 1910.
Late 1910
Francisco Madero persuades Pascual Orozco and Francisco "Pancho" Villa to join the revolution.
March 1911
Emiliano Zapata leads uprising of villagers in Morelos for land and water rights. Simultaneously armed revolts begin in other parts of Mexico.
May 10, 1911
Orozco and Villa capture Ciudad Juárez (sister city to El Paso).
May 25, 1911
Francisco Madero elected President of Mexico.
March 1912
Pascual Orozco leads rebellion in Chihuahua, after losing gubernatorial election. General Victoriano Huerta, representing Madero, defeats Orozco and arrests Pancho Villa.
February 18, 1913
Huerta leads coup against Madero, who is deposed, arrested and jailed.
February 22, 1913
President Madero and Vice President Pino Suárez are shot to death. Huerta declares himself President of Mexico.
March 1913
United States declares itself against Huerta.
April 1913
Venustiano Carranza, governor of Coahuila, is declared First Chief in the fight against Huerta ("The Usurper") and including both Villa and Zapata. Alvaro Obregón leads Carranza's army.
April 21, 1914
United States forces occupy Veracruz.
June 15, 1914
Huerta resigns as President and flees to Europe on a German ship.
June 23, 1914
Zacatecas captured by Villa's "División del Norte."
November 1914
World War I starts in Europe. United States leaves Veracruz.
October 19, 1915
United States recognizes Venustiano Carranza as provisional President of Mexico.
March 9, 1916
Pancho Villa sacks Columbus, New Mexico in retaliation for the United States' recognition of his enemy Carranza. Eight U.S. soldiers and 10 U.S. civilians killed.
March 1916
General John J. Pershing leads a force into Mexico in a futile search for Villa.
February 5, 1917
Mexico adopts the Constitution of 1917, claiming rights over the subsoil, instituting new regulations to benefit organized labor and decreeing sanctions against the Catholic Church.
April 6, 1917
United States declares war on Germany.
April 10, 1919
Zapata slain in ambush.
June 1, 1919
Obregón announces his campaign for the presidency.
April 20, 1920
Obregón declares himself in revolt against Carranza, whose support collapses.
May 20, 1920
Carranza murdered.
October 26, 1920
Obregón elected President.
November 30, 1920
Obregón sworn in as President. The Revolution is over.
First murals appear in Mexico.

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