I wrote to Cousin Lucy, and directed, to Georgetown KY not knowing that she was with you. Tell her that I am a thousand times obliged to her for the tobacco, which she was so kind to send me. I will in return send her a ring. You spoke of another Cousin, having sent me some paper, which I received and am under many obligations to her. Give me her name and I will send her a present of some kind. Enclosed you will find a "butter knife" of Rebel manufacture. If you will send me some silver and buttons. I will have you some nice rings made. Tell Cousin Lucy Duke I would like very much to receive a letter from her and will take great pleasure in corresponding with her if she has no aversion to corresponding with a prisoner of war. I send you the picture of our row of Barracks with a limited portion of the balance of the prison. Give my kindest regards to my cousins

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