I know not what I would not give at this time to be assured that you & Ella were well. But it is my misfortune still to be held a Prisoner of War; Our condition is by no means a desirable one: But I suppose it might be a great deal worse.(?) How much longer we will be held; it is impossible to tell. We try to be as cheerful and contented as we can, and in hope, 'bide our time. I think as soon as the present campaign is over we will be exchanged; We are in tolerably good health, but suffer a good deal from the hot weather. I know not whether you receive my letters or not. I know I have received nothing from you since I have been a prisoner; Give yourself no uneasiness concerning me. I can live where any other man can. Give my compliments to all the friends & believe me till death your affectionate Husband S. J. Gibson

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