The Nekcsei-Lipózc Bible from Hungary

The richly illustrated Nekcsei-Lipócz Bible, most likely created in Hungary in the middle of the fourteenth century, is printed on vellum in two volumes. Because his coat of arms is on the opening page of the Book of Genesis, the Bible is believed to have been commissioned as a gift for a church by Demeter Nekcsei, Chief Lord Treasurer of Hungary, who died in 1338. Scholars believe the artwork by several artists shows influences of the style then current in Bologna, Italy. The whereabouts of the Bible are unknown from its production until its sale to Henry Perkins, a wealthy British book collector, in 1825. The Library of Congress purchased this Bible at his estate auction in 1873.

Biblia latina (Bible in Latin). Hungary, ca. 1335–1340. Manuscript on vellum. Medieval and Renaissance Manuscript Collection, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress

Call number: MEDMS6

The Nekcsei-Lipózc Bible from Hungary

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