First Among Many: The Bay Psalm Book and Early Moments in American Printing was developed under the leadership of James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress.

The exhibition was made possible by the generous support of David M. Rubenstein.

Exhibition Team

  • William Jacobs, Chief, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Kimberli Curry, Exhibition Director, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Mark Dimunation, Curator, Rare Book and Special Collections Division
  • Rachel Waldron, Registrar, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Karen Werth, Production Officer, Interpretive Programs Office
  • Christopher O’Connor, Lead Exhibition Specialist, Interpretive Programs Office

Interpretive Programs Office Staff

Denise Agee, Vicki Fortuno, Carroll Johnson-Welsh, David Jung, Stacie Moats,
Betsy Nahum-Miller, Cheryl Regan, Marc Roman, Patrick Shepler, and Cynthia Wayne

Library of Congress Staff

Mark Sweeny, Library Services; Robert Newlen, Office of the Librarian; James Hutson, Manuscript Division; Nathan Dorn, Law Library; Georgia Higley, Serial and Government Publications Division; Nicholas Brown and James Wintle, Music Division; Kaare Chaffee, Claire Dekle, Dan Paterson, and Justine Provino, Conservation Division; Sue Siegel, Development Office; Elizabeth Pugh and Emily Vartanian, Office of The General Counsel; Dominic Sergi, Andrew Cook, and Jade Curtis, ITS Digital Scan Center; Lee Ann Potter, Thip Padavong, Laura Moisev, and Stephen Wesson, Office of Strategic Initiatives; Giulia Adelfio, Visitor Services Office; Gayle Osterberg and Donna Urshel, Public Affairs Office

Exhibition and Brochure Design

Shveima Associates