EAD (Encoded Archival Description ; Version 2002 Official Site)

Encoded Archival Description Tag Library, Version 2002

EAD Elements

<tgroup> Table Group


A formatting element that bundles <table> subelements: <colspec>, <thead>, and <tbody>. Tables are comprised of one or more <tgroup>s, depending on the number of times the column specifications change. The <tgroup> element provides a subgrouping of rows within a table that all use the same column specifications.

Three attributes are used together to force horizontal alignment on a specific character, such as a decimal point. The ALIGN attribute must be set to "char" (align="char"). The CHAR attribute should be set to the specific character on which the text will align (for example the decimal point, char="."). The CHAROFF attribute controls the position of the alignment by naming the percentage of the current column width that is to the left of the alignment character (for example, charoff="30"). The required COLS attribute specifies the number of columns in the table.

By convention, any rule specified in COLSEP is printed or displayed to the right of the column. External rules are specified with the FRAME attribute of <table>; horizontal rules are specified with the <table> or <tgroup> ROWSEP attribute.

By convention, any rule specified in rowsep prints or displays below the row. Vertical rules are specified by a COLSEP attribute; external rules are specified by the FRAME attribute of the <table> element.

See also related elements <colspec>, <table>, <tbody>, <thead>.

May contain:

colspec, tbody, thead

May occur within:



ALIGN #IMPLIED, left, right, center, justify, char
AUDIENCE #IMPLIED, external, internal


        <head>Appendix: Chronological List of the Names of Major Family Members, Their
        Spouses, and Children</head>
        <p>Papers of the individuals listed here make up the greater part of the
        Albemarle Family Papers.  Names of children who are known not to have survived to
        adulthood are omitted.</p>
        <table frame="none">
        <tgroup cols="3">
            <colspec colnum="1" colname="1" align="left" colwidth="50pt">
            <colspec colnum="2" colname="2" align="left" colwidth="50pt">
            <colspec colnum="3" colname="3" align="left" colwidth="50pt">
                    <entry colname="1">Major Family Members</entry>
                    <entry colname="2">Spouses</entry>
                    <entry colname="3">Children</entry>
                    <entry colname="1">John Albemarle (1760-1806)</entry>
                    <entry colname="2">Mary Frances Delaney (1769-1835)</entry>
                    <entry colname="3">John Delaney Albemarle (1787-1848)</entry>
                    <entry colname="3">Lucretia Albemarle Goodrich (1788-1823)</entry>
                    <entry colname="3">Porter Breckinridge Albermarle (1790-1831)</entry>
                    <entry colname="3">Joseph Fairfax Albemarle (1792-1856)</entry>
                    <entry colname="1">John Delaney Albemarle (1787-1848)</entry>
                    <entry colname="2">Martha Mary Adams (1795-1862)</entry>
                    <entry colname="3">John Adams Albemarle (1814-1867)</entry></row>
                    <entry colname="3">Mary Delaney Albemarle (1818-1880)</entry>
                </row> . . .