EAD (Encoded Archival Description ; Version 2002 Official Site)

Encoded Archival Description Tag Library, Version 2002

EAD Elements

<p> Paragraph


One or more sentences that form a logical prose passage. A paragraph may be a subdivision of a larger composition, or it may exist alone. It is usually typographically distinct: A line space is often left blank before it; the text begins on a new line; and the first letter of the first word is often indented, enlarged, or both. The <p> element is an important textual feature, which may be used inside of more than thirty other elements. The content model of a <p> provides access to thirty-three other elements, including reference and linking elements, formatting elements, controlled access elements, and some of the Descriptive Identification <did> subelements.

May contain:

#PCDATA, abbr, address, archref, bibref, blockquote, chronlist, corpname, date, emph, expan, extptr, extref, famname, function, genreform, geogname, lb, linkgrp, list, name, note, num, occupation, origination, persname, ptr, ref, repository, subject, table, title, unitdate, unittitle

May occur within:

accessrestrict, accruals, acqinfo, altformavail, appraisal, arrangement, bibliography, bioghist, blockquote, controlaccess, custodhist, daodesc, descgrp, div, dsc, dscgrp, editionstmt, fileplan, index, note, odd, originalsloc, otherfindaid, phystech, prefercite, processinfo, publicationstmt, relatedmaterial, scopecontent, separatedmaterial, seriesstmt, titlepage, userestrict


AUDIENCE #IMPLIED, external, internal


        <head>Biographical Sketch</head>
        <p>John Ferguson Godfrey was born in Toronto on December 19, 1942. He
        received a B.A. (Hons.) from Trinity College, University of Toronto, in 1965, a
        M.Phil. degree from Balliol College, Oxford University, England, in 1967, and a
        D.Phil. degree from St. Anthony's College, Oxford University, in 1975. He holds
        the title of Doctor of Sacred letters (honoris causa), Trinity College (1987).</p>
        <p>Mr. Godfrey taught in the Department of History of Dalhousie University,
        Halifax, first as Assistant Professor (1970-1975), and then as Associate Professor
        (1980-1987).  At <corpname>King's College University, Halifax</corpname>
        he held the position of Assistant Professor (1975-1976), before becoming President
        and Vice-Chancellor (1977-1987).</p>