EAD (Encoded Archival Description ; Version 2002 Official Site)

Encoded Archival Description Tag Library, Version 2002

EAD Elements

<list> List


A formatting element that contains a series of words or numerals (called <item>s) separated from one another and arranged in a linear, often vertical sequence.

The TYPE attribute is used to identify and format the list. The choices are: "simple," "deflist," "marked," and "ordered." In a "simple" list, <item>s are not numbered or bulleted. In a "deflist" or definition list, each <defitem> pairs a <label> with a corresponding <item> containing the text that defines, describes, or explains the term or other text tagged as the <label>. In a "marked" list, the sequence of the list items is not critical, and a bullet, box, dash, or other character is displayed at the beginning of each <item>. In an "ordered" list, the sequence of the list <item>s is important, and each list <item> is lettered or numbered.

See also the related elements <defitem> and <item>.

May contain:

defitem, head, item, listhead

May occur within:

accessrestrict, accruals, acqinfo, altformavail, appraisal, arrangement, bibliography, bioghist, blockquote, controlaccess, custodhist, daodesc, descgrp, div, dsc, dscgrp, entry, event, extref, extrefloc, fileplan, index, item, note, odd, originalsloc, otherfindaid, p, phystech, prefercite, processinfo, ref, refloc, relatedmaterial, revisiondesc, scopecontent, separatedmaterial, titlepage, userestrict


AUDIENCE #IMPLIED, external, internal
CONTINUATION #IMPLIED, continues, starts
NUMERATION #IMPLIED, arabic, upperalpha, loweralpha, upperroman, lowerroman
TYPE #IMPLIED, simple, deflist, marked, ordered


        <head>Major Works of Archibald MacLeish</head>
        <list type="ordered" numeration="arabic">
                <bibref><imprint><date>1924</date></imprint><title render="italic">The Happy
                Marriage, and Other Poems</title> (Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin. 79 pp.)
                <title render="italic">The Pot of Earth</title> (Boston and New York:
                Houghton Mifflin. 44 pp.)</bibref>
            </item> . . .