EAD (Encoded Archival Description ; Version 2002 Official Site)

Encoded Archival Description Tag Library, Version 2002

EAD Elements

<did> Descriptive Identification


A required wrapper element that bundles other elements identifying core information about the described materials in either Archival Description <archdesc> or a Component <c>. The various <did> subelements are intended for brief, clearly designated statements of information and, except for <note>, do not require Paragraphs <p> to enter text.

The <did> groups elements that constitute a good basic description of an archival unit. This grouping ensures that the same data elements and structure are available at every level of description within the EAD hierarchy. It facilitates the retrieval or other output of a cohesive body of elements for resource discovery and recognition.

The <did> in <archdesc> is sometimes called the high level <did>, because it describes the collection as a whole. Consider using the following elements for this high level <did>: <head>, <origination>, <unittitle>, <physdesc>, <repository>, and <abstract>. The <unitid> and <physloc> elements are suggested if applicable to a repository's practice. A <did> within a Component <c> can be less complete, and might have only a <container> or <unitid> and a <unittitle>.

May contain:

abstract, container, dao, daogrp, head, langmaterial, materialspec, note, origination, physdesc, physloc, repository, unitdate, unitid, unittitle

May occur within:

archdesc, archdescgrp, c, c01, c02, c03, c04, c05, c06, c07, c08, c09, c10, c11, c12


AUDIENCE #IMPLIED, external, internal


    <archdesc type="inventory" level="subgrp">
            <head>Overview of the Records</head>
            <repository label="Repository:">
                <corpname>Minnesota Historical Society</corpname>
            <origination label="Creator:">Minnesota. Game and Fish Department</origination>
            <unittitle label="Title:">Game laws violation records,
            <unitdate label="Dates:">1908-1928</unitdate>
            <abstract label="Abstract:">Records of prosecutions for and seizures of
            property resulting from violation of the state's hunting and fishing laws.</abstract>
            <physdesc label="Quantity:">2.25 cu. ft. (7 v. and 1 folder in 3 boxes)</physdesc>
            <physloc label="Location:">See Detailed Description section for box
        </did> . . .
    <archdesc level="collection">
            <unittitle>Early Durham Cartularies</unittitle>
            <unitdate label="Date range:" normal="1220/1230">compiled between 1220
            and 1230, with later additions</unitdate>
            <physdesc label="Extent:">1 cartulary (175ff. and inserts), 1 fragment
            and 1 [photostat of] fragment.</physdesc>
            <repository label="Repository:">Durham University Library, Archives and
            Special Collections</repository>
            <origination label="Origination:">early cartularies produced by the
            Durham monastic administration.
    <dsc type="combined">
        <c01 level="series">
                <unittitle>Series 1: Correspondence,</unittitle>
                <unitdate type="inclusive">1943-1978</unitdate>
                <physdesc><extent>2.5 linear ft. </extent>(5 document
            <c02 level="subseries">
                    <unittitle>Subseries 1.1: Outgoing Correspondence, </unittitle>
                    <unitdate type="inclusive">1943-1969</unitdate>
                    <physdesc><extent>0.75 linear ft.</extent></physdesc>
                <c03 level="file">
                        <physloc audience="internal">B:14:D</physloc>
                        <container type="box">1</container>
                        <container type="folder">1</container>
                        <physdesc><extent>14 letters</extent></physdesc>