EAD (Encoded Archival Description ; Version 2002 Official Site)

Encoded Archival Description Tag Library, Version 2002

EAD Elements

<chronlist> Chronology List


A formatting element that designates information about the sequence in which significant past events, associated with the described materials, occurred. The <chronlist> also provides a structured display to list these dates and events. Each <chronlist> contains Chronology Items <chronitem>s that pair a <date> or date range with a brief description of an associated <event> or events <eventgrp>.

A <chronlist> most often appears in finding aids as part of the Biography or History <bioghist> element, but <chronlist> is also available for use in other elements that might need to present historical dates and events in a multicolumn list.

May contain:

chronitem, head, listhead

May occur within:

accessrestrict, accruals, acqinfo, altformavail, appraisal, arrangement, bibliography, bioghist, blockquote, controlaccess, custodhist, daodesc, descgrp, div, dsc, dscgrp, event, extref, extrefloc, fileplan, index, item, note, odd, originalsloc, otherfindaid, p, phystech, prefercite, processinfo, ref, refloc, relatedmaterial, scopecontent, separatedmaterial, titlepage, userestrict


AUDIENCE #IMPLIED, external, internal


        <head>Biographical Note</head>
                <date>1820, Dec. 20</date>
                <event>Born eighth of ten children of Taylor and Dicey (Jones) Duke;
                Little River, Orange Co., N.C.</event>
                <event>Married Mary Caroline Clinton</event>
                <event>Sidney Taylor Duke born</event>
            </chronitem> . . .