EAD (Encoded Archival Description ; Version 2002 Official Site)

Encoded Archival Description Tag Library, Version 2002

EAD Elements

<accruals> Accruals


Information about anticipated additions to the materials being described. Can indicate quantity and frequency. Can also be used to indicate that no additions are expected.

In EAD Version 1.0 <accruals> was a subelement of Administrative Information <admininfo>, which has been deprecated in EAD 2002 (see Appendix B). The new Description Group <descgrp> element, which can group any of the <did>-level elements (except the Description of Subordinate Components <dsc>), may be used to wrap elements where a group heading is desirable. The <descgrp> element can be used to replace <admininfo> where it has been used as a wrapper when converting finding aids encoded in EAD V1.0 to EAD 2002.

The <accruals> element is comparable to ISAD(G) data element 3.3.3 and MARC field 584.

May contain:

accruals, address, blockquote, chronlist, head, list, note, p, table

May occur within:

accruals, archdesc, archdescgrp, c, c01, c02, c03, c04, c05, c06, c07, c08, c09, c10, c11, c12, descgrp



AUDIENCE #IMPLIED, external, internal


<accruals> <p>No further materials are expected for this collection.</p> </accruals> 2.
<accruals> <p>Noncurrent additions to this Record Group are transferred from the Development
Department annually at the end of the fiscal year in June.</p> </accruals>