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The following form is for use by site owners identified by the Library of Congress. If you have received a request from the Library regarding the archiving and/ or display of your web content, please complete the form below. If you have not received a request from the Library of Congress, and you are interested in the Library’s web archiving activities, please visit the following web site: Library of Congress Web Archiving Program.

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Permission Request
I hereby grant permission for the Library of Congress to archive all web content available at the URL identified above (including digital publications, and other digital content such as audio and video), as well as other portions of my web site, for inclusion in the Library of Congress Web Archives.
I hereby grant permission to the Library of Congress to provide public access to the archived versions of my web content via the Library's public web site.
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Note: The Library of Congress Legal Notices page explains how email is treated with regard to privacy.

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