Concerts from the Library of Congress

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2021 at 10:00 AM (ET)

Victoria Phillips



“Martha Graham’s Cold War: The Dance of American Diplomacy,” Victoria Phillips, PhD, Visiting Fellow, Department of International History, London School of Economics

Although modern dancer Martha Graham claimed, “I am not political,” she and her company performed at the behest of the State Department on five continents during the administrations of eight U.S. presidents. From a White House performance for the Roosevelts in 1937, to a planned tour under George H.W. Bush to Eastern Europe in November 1989, noted scholar Victoria Phillips, Ph.D., will take readers through the Music and Manuscript Divisions’ collections at the Library of Congress where the research project began. Traveling through over thirty nations during the talk, Phillips follows Graham on tour during the Cold War and connects readers to the depths to which Graham and her company infiltrated the American propaganda machine and staged modern dance to reflect American ideals of freedom and equality. In this presentation based upon her decade of research at the Library of Congress, Phillips will take the audience "behind the archival scenes" to explore the historian's craft. Please join Phillips as she discusses her new book, Martha Graham's Cold War: The Dance of American Diplomacy.

All events for the 2021-2022 season of Concerts from the Library of Congress will be presented virtually.
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