Concerts from the American Folklife Center Library of Congress, 2013-2014

MARCH 18, 2015 at Noon, No Tickets Required

The Royal Harmonizers

Whittall Pavilion

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A few years ago several men who were dedicated to their Religious faith came together with a desire -- a desire of expressing their faith in Christ to their community using music as their medium. Mr. Berkley Bell was instrumental in  organizing the original group called "The Royal Harmonizers." The members of that group were Berkley Bell, Fuller Ming, Victor Chance, William Ridgley and James Ridgley. These men through hard work, determination, and prayer worked on  perfecting their craft so that all who heard their songs would know and understand their love of Christ.  They also hoped that anyone who heard them sing would be filled in their hearts and soul with  Holy Spirit as  each member of this Gospel Group was. This desire continues to be the  driving force with this group and the Holy Spirit continues to be their fuel. 

The Royal Harmonizers have been singing for 59 years, Although the faces have changed the Spirit of the lord still works in and through this group. the current members of the group are Lionel Owens, Tony Layton, Terry Ridgley and William Ridgley (who is the last original member of the group). The other original members have found their way home and are singing in our Lord and Saviors Holy Heavenly Choir.  

A free noon concert series presented by the American Folklife Center and the Music Division of the Library of Congress. Most concerts are held in the Coolidge Auditorium (located on the Ground Floor of the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress) or the Whittall Pavilion (next to the Coolidge, on the Ground Floor, Jefferson Building). Occasionally, concerts may be in other locations, which will be specified above in the concert description. Presented in Partnership with the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage. NO TICKETS REQUIRED.