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Collection Ethnic Heritage and Language Schools in America Project

About this Collection

The Ethnic Heritage and Language Schools in America Project was conducted in 1982 by the American Folklife Center to survey selected religious and secular ethnic community-based schools conducted, at least in part, in a language other than English to document the continued ethnolinguistic and cultural diversity of the United States.

The collection consists of field notes, interviews, curriculum materials, sound recordings, photographs, and one videorecording resulting from a survey conducted by the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress in 1982 which documented 23 ethnic schools in the United States. Fieldwork was conducted at various locations including: Armenian school in Watertown, Massachusetts; Cambodian school in Houston, Texas; Chinese school in San Antonio, Texas; Czech school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Dutch school in Pella, Iowa; German-Russian school in Strasburg, North Dakota; Greek school in Birmingham, Alabama; Greek school in Buffalo, New York; Hebrew school in Nashville, Tennessee; Hungarian school in New Brunswick, New Jersey; Hupa language school in Hoopa Valley, California; Islamic school in Seattle, Washington; Japanese school in Los Angeles, California; Korean school in Silver Spring, Maryland; Latvian school in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; Lebanese and Greek school in Birmingham, Alabama; Polish school in Chicago, Illinois; Portuguese school in Taunton, Massachusetts; Turkish school in New York, New York; Ukrainian school in Woonsocket, Rhode Island; and the East Harlem Music School in New York, New York.