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August 17, 2020

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young



This classification proposal may be resubmitted with a resubmitted subject proposal. See below under Makhalima (African people) for details.



           Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

                        H 1147, Animals
                                    $x Effect of hydrogen sulfide on

 Other decisions:

Big Cypress fox squirrel; Delmarva fox squirrel; Southern fox squirrel

SHM H 1332 sec. 1 indicates that headings may be established for common names of well-known subspecies, and sec. 2.a says to prefer the common name for the heading “if it is in popular use and unambiguous.” If it is ambiguous, the Latin name is used as a heading.
Each of these proposals was for a subspecies. Each has more than one common name, so the common name is ambiguous. The heading would therefore have to be in Latin, which is not permitted for subspecies. The proposals were not approved.

Event stratigraphy—Phanerozoic

The meeting does not wish to begin subdividing the Event stratigraphy by geologic periods. Works on event stratigraphy in specific periods may be cataloged by assigning the Event stratigraphy with headings of the type Geology, Stratigraphic—[period]. The proposal was not approved. 


The heading God, which is analogous to this proposal, represents the deity of monotheistic religions and the philosophical concept of god in general. The work being cataloged is about mother goddesses from a variety of religions, which all seem to be pantheistic. The heading Mother goddesses should be assigned. The proposal was not necessary.


The heading Hand-railing already represented the concept of handrails. The existing heading was revised to Handrails and the references were updated. The proposal for the separate heading Handrails was not approved.

Indian slaves

This proposal was made to add a UF Genízaros to the existing heading. Genízaro is the Spanish word for enslaved detribalized Indians in the New Southwest and their descendants, and is not equivalent to the general concept of Indian slaves. The meeting made and approved a separate proposal for Genízaros. The proposal to add the UF to Indian slaves was not approved.

Knowledge and learning in literature

While there are some exceptions in LCSH, the general rule is that the base heading must be established before proposing a derivative phrase heading (such as [topic] in literature). Knowledge and learning is a subdivision, not a heading; the equivalent heading is Learning and scholarship. Learning and scholarship in literature is already established and should be assigned to the work being cataloged. The proposal was not approved.
Makhalima (African people)

This proposal is unfinished; it shows no research and includes no references. The proposal may be resubmitted after it is completed.

Nuclear energy in art

Only the French-language title of the work being cataloged was provided to support this proposal. The proposal may be resubmitted with information in English that explains the relationship of the work to the heading being proposed.

Racism in criminal justice administration; Racism in justice administration; Racism in juvenile justice administration; Racism in law enforcement

LCSH makes a distinction between racism and racial discrimination. The heading Racism is used for works about racism as an attitude as well as works about both the attitude and overt discriminatory behavior, while Racial discrimination is used for works that are limited to discussions of overt discriminatory behavior. The distinction between racism and racial discrimination is carried over into headings of the type Racism in [topic] and Discrimination in [topic].            

A general pattern has emerged over the years: Racism in [topic] headings tend to be established for disciplines and “soft” topics such as criminology, medicine, and the press, while Discrimination in [topic] headings tend to exist for more concrete or practical topics such as credit cards, financial services, medical care, and municipal services. Justice, Administration of and its narrower terms seem to fall into the latter category.

Each of the proposals cited a single work being cataloged. The word racism was used in the titles of three of the works, but the citations provided did not include any information about the content or focus of the works. The limited online information available about the works suggests that at least some of them may be about overt discriminatory behaviors (e.g., arrest and incarceration rates, excessive use of force, police shootings, tactics, and violence) rather than racist attitudes.  If that is the case, then the subject headings Discrimination in criminal justice administration; Discrimination in justice administration; Discrimination in juvenile justice administration; and/or Discrimination in law enforcement should be assigned instead of the proposed headings.

The meeting requests that the cataloger reexamine the content of the works being cataloged to determine whether they really are about racism as defined in LCSH. If any of them are, the citations for the works being cataloged should be revised to include statements supporting that fact. If they are not, then the proposals should be deleted. Any or all of the proposals may be resubmitted.


Sidhe is the anglicized form of the Gaelic word for fairies. The heading Fairies—Ireland should be assigned to the work being cataloged. The proposal was not approved.
Southern Tidung language

This proposal appears to be related to the proposal to revise the heading Tidong dialects to Tidung languages, which was approved on this list. The proposal for Southern Tidung language includes only citations to reference sources, not to a work being cataloged. Headings are to be proposed when they are needed for cataloging. The proposal for the Southern Tidung language was not necessary.

Synchronized swimmers     

This proposal was made to add a UF Artistic swimmers to the existing heading, and to change the BT Swimmers to Athletes. The meeting does not wish to move Synchronized swimmers from the hierarchy specific to swimmers to be an NT of the less specific heading Athletes. The proposal did not include any citations showing that synchronized swimmers are also called artistic swimmers. The proposal may be resubmitted with citations that support the proposed UF.



Astrological readings

The list contained proposals for horoscopes and astrological readings as separate terms, with contrasting scope notes. Horoscopes would have been used for charts or diagrams showing the relative position of planets and signs of the zodiac for individuals, events, etc., while Astrological readings would have referred to verbal interpretations of horoscope charts or diagrams.

Although accurate, this distinction does not seem to be useful for LCGFT given general usage, which is to use the word horoscope to refer to both types of works. The proposal for Horoscopes was approved with UFs for astrological readings. The proposal for Astrological readings was not approved.









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*The number of proposals approved is approximate and may change slightly during the final processing of the Approved List.

+The number of authority records cancelled is also included in the total number of proposals approved.