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December 16, 2019

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young



The work was cataloged as a history of grindcore music, but the proposed number would be used for the political and social aspects of grindcore. The work should be classified in the range beginning at ML3533.8. The proposal was not approved.


This proposal was made to revise the existing caption Rarotongan to include Cook Islands Maori, a variant name for the language. Variant names are provided as UFs in LCSH, and are not generally listed in the classification schedules. The proposal was not approved.


The first subject heading assigned to the work being cataloged and the citation in the proposal indicate that the work is a literary collection about Korea. The number being proposed would be used for history and criticism of Korea as it is depicted in literature. If the first subject heading is accurate, then a cutter for Korea may be proposed in PN6071.A-Z (collections of literature by subject). If the work is history and criticism, then the first heading should be revised and the proposal for PN56.3.K6 may be resubmitted.


This proposal sought to establish a number for Mauritius in the hierarchy for national bibliographies of British Africa. National bibliographies of Mauritius should be classed in Z3499.5. The proposal was not approved.


Archive (New York, N.Y. : Building)

The meeting believes it likely that there is more than one building known as “the archive” in New York City. It would be best to qualify the heading by the street on which the building is located, per SHM H 1334 sec. 3.c. The street needs to be established. The proposal for the building may be resubmitted with a proposal for the street.

Atlantic cod—Counting; Atlantic cod populations; Atlantic cod populations—Estimates

The meeting felt that it would more useful to establish the subdivisions –Estimates and –Counting under the general headings Codfish and Codfish populations than to establish the subdivisions under the headings for specific types of codfish. This decision is in accordance with the decision made about Barren ground caribou on the Tentative List for January 2009. The proposals on the current list were revised accordingly.

Berzincî family

The citations provided in the record do not support the heading nor the UFs. Furthermore, the citation for the work being cataloged should contain information about the location of the family (which is required by H 1631 sec. 3). The proposal may be resubmitted.

Cheremsʹkyĭ pryrodnyĭ zapovidnyk (Ukraine)

The citations provided do not support the BT National parks and reserves—Ukraine, and the meeting was unable to find support for it on English-language web sites. A source that supports the BT should be provided, or the BT should be removed. The proposal may be resubmitted. 

Dispute resolution (Roman law); Mediation (Roman law)

Only the Spanish-language title of the work being cataloged was provided to support these proposals. The proposals may be resubmitted with information in English that explains the relationship of the work to the headings being proposed.

Eruv in art

Only the Hebrew-language title of the work being cataloged was provided to support this proposal. The proposal may be resubmitted with information in English that explains the relationship of the work to the heading being proposed.

Hasmonean dynasty

This proposal appears to be unfinished. The sole citation in the record provides only the title of the work being cataloged, and does not support the idea that there was a dynasty of this name. Further, none of the references are supported, and the tagging is incorrect (dynasties are established in 100 fields, not 150 fields). In addition, the preference is to add the span of years of the dynasty to the heading and UFs. The guidelines for establishing headings for dynasties are provided in SHM H 1574 sec. 1. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Jews—Rejection of Orthodox Judaism

The proposed heading is a concept, while all of the UFs are classes of persons. The two should not be mixed, and the meeting was unable to determine which type of heading was needed for the work being cataloged. The proposal also included a cataloger comment stating that the subdivision may be better as –Departure from Orthodox Judaism, but literary warrant for that phrase was not provided. The citations that were provided included evidence of usage for the heading and UFs, but did not provide a description or definition of the concept (or class of persons). Finally, the citations cited Google instead of the websites that were found using Google. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Hyperbass flute; Hyperbass flute and tárogató music

According to SHM H 1918 sec. 1.a, when a heading for an instrument is being established, it is necessary to make an additional proposal for the music of that instrument. The proposals for Hyperbass flute and Hyperbass flute and tárogató music may be resubmitted along with a proposal for Hyperbass music.

Limanda ferruginea populations

In accordance with the decision about Atlantic cod fisheries above, the proposed heading was revised to Flatfish populations.

Manga; Comic books, strips, etc.

These proposals sought to establish Manga as a separate heading and remove the UFs for manga, manhua, and manhwa from the existing heading Comic books, strips, etc. Manga is an artistic style that exists outside comic books, and not all comic books that are called “manga” conform to all aspects of manga style. One of the principal defining aspects of manga-as-comics seems to be that they are read right-to-left, which is of course unusual for English-language publications. However, LC subject headings do not indicate text direction.
Additionally, manga is merely the Japanese-language word for comic book, and is therefore a synonym for Comic books, strips, etc., not a separate concept. An American superhero comic that is published or distributed in Japan, for example, would be called a manga. Manhwa is likewise the Korean word, and manhua is the Chinese word, for comic books. UFs, and not separate headings, are provided for synonyms.
The UFs on Comic books, strips, etc., are provided in accordance with SHM H 373 sec. 7, which states that UFs are not generally added to topical headings for the equivalent in another language, but that they may be added if the foreign term is in widespread use in English-language reference sources.

The proposals were not approved.


This proposal was made to revise the established heading to the plural form. Although the heading does not conform to current rules on singular and plural headings as described in SHM H 285, the heading is immediately recognizable and understandable as it is. The meeting does not encourage change for change’s sake, but will consider the proposal if a proposal to revise the derivative heading Merry-go-round in art is also submitted. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Online journalism—Objectivity

Only the Spanish-language title of the work being cataloged was provided to support the proposal. The proposal may be resubmitted with information in English that explains the relationship of the work to the heading being proposed.

Redfish fisheries

The BT provided on this proposal was Sebastes fisheries. Not all redfish are in the genus Sebastes, but the citation for the work being cataloged refers to three species of redfish that are in that genus. It would be better to assign the existing heading Sebastes fisheries to the work. The proposal was not approved.

Redfish populations

The work being cataloged is the same as the one that is the basis for the proposal Redfish fisheries (see above). A better heading for the work would be Sebastes populations, and it may be proposed. The proposal Redfish populations was not approved.

Singapore—Civilization—Indic influences

The citation for the work being cataloged indicates that the work is about the “living style and culture of Indian people in Singapore,” which is not the same as the Indian influence on Singaporean culture. The headings East Indians—Singapore—Social life and customs and perhaps Singapore—Civilization would be more appropriate. The proposal was not necessary.

Superheroes, Asian; Asian American superheroes; Teenage superheroes; Women superheroes, Asian; Asian American women superheroes

The work being cataloged for each of these proposals is a comic book. SHM H 1430 states that subject headings are assigned only to comic books that are biographical fiction, historical fiction, or animal stories. The proposals were not necessary.

United States Highway 93

This proposal was made to change the geographic subdivision instructions from a fill character (“no decision,” with the practical effect that the heading may not be geographically subdivided) to “i” (May Subd Geog). A cataloger’s note explained that the highway covers many states, so the ability to subdivide the heading geographically would be useful.

By policy, geographic headings, including those for streets and roads, are not geographically subdivided (SHM H 364 sec. 3). If a work being cataloged is about Highway 93 in Idaho, for example, the heading for the road can be assigned with the heading Roads—Idaho.

The proposal was not approved.

Wild horse adoption

This proposal was made to add UFs for the adoption of wild burros to the existing heading. Wild horses and wild burros are different animals, although they are both in the family Equus. The heading Wild burros exists, and a proposal for a separate heading Wild burro adoption may be resubmitted.

Xochipilli (Aztec deity)

Headings for individual deities have been established in the name authority file since July 2013 (see H 405 and H 1635). The proposal was not approved.

Ytre Kvarøy (Norway)

Geonet provides two citations for Ytre Kvarøy. One is for a populated place, and the other is for an island. The coordinates for them are identical. SHM H 807 states that islands that are also jurisdictions should be established as jurisdictions in the name authority file. If the island and the jurisdiction are not coextensive, then evidence of that fact should be provided in a new proposal. The proposal that appeared on this list was not approved.



Critical editions

The fact that a work is a critical edition is generally displayed in a prominent place, usually in the title or edition statement of the work. LCGFT does not include terms that reflect aspects that are brought out in the descriptive portion of the record. Furthermore, although broadly speaking critical editions share a common purpose – to establish the “best” or “authoritative” text – calling critical editions a form seems to be stretching the definition of form. Critical editions tend to share some characteristics (e.g., citations, textual comparisons), but they do not necessarily exhibit a consistent form or format. Then too, some publishers, editors, and authors use the term loosely. If this proposal were approved, the term would likely be assigned only if the publisher indicated that a work is a critical edition in the title or edition statement, making the utility of this proposal marginal at best.

The proposal was not approved.


Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.









164 (87%)

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2 (100%)



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*The number of proposals approved is approximate and may change slightly during the final processing of the Approved List.

+The number of authority records cancelled is also included in the total number of proposals approved.