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November 16, 2018

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L. Dechman



A cutter number for Former communist countries, .C727, was added to CSM G 300. Use of the cutter may begin immediately. The new cutter will be added in the CSM in a forthcoming update to Catalogers’ Desktop.

Other decisions:


Although the Golden Age is mentioned specifically, the work being cataloged seems to be chiefly about the concept of Paradise in art, literature, and some philosophy. The subject headings have been adjusted, and the classification number NX650.P35 should be assigned. The proposal was not approved.


This classification proposal may be resubmitted with a resubmitted subject proposal. See below under Khayo (African people) for details.


This proposal was made for a work that is reportedly about Moldovan workers in Italy. The classification number for this concept (foreign workers in Italy) is generated by a table in HD. The table for Italy, which is a 20 number country, is HD8101/1. A proposal for the addition of a number for Moldovans in the table at HD8101/1 18.M65 should be resubmitted.


A school of technology should be classed in the T schedule per instructions in the L schedule (see LE3, for example), which state “For individual institutions limited to education in a special field, see the topic, e.g. class K, law schools, R741-R832.5, medical schools, S536.5-S539, agricultural colleges, T171-T173, technical schools.” The Modibbo Adama University of Technology offers only technical degrees so it should be classified as a technical school. The classification number T173.Y6778 has been assigned to works about this institution. The proposal was not approved.


The subject heading Thieves in literature needs to be proposed. The proposal, along with a proposal for the subject heading, may be resubmitted.        


The work is cataloged as a collection of essays on filial piety, and should be classed with filial piety in BJ1533.F5. The proposal was not necessary.

PS508.A38; [PS508.R42]

The proposed number was not used in the bib record. The number assigned in the bib record, PS571.W2, is better. The proposal was not necessary.


The only subject heading in the bib record is Lighthouses—Literary collections, which would make it class in PN, not PS. The work being cataloged has an emphasis on American authors, but there are a significant number of English authors and also an Indian (East Asian). The cataloger should adjust the bib record so that the subject heading(s) match the class number chosen (per SHMH 80). The proposal may be resubmitted.



Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

                        H 1110, Names of Persons
                                    $x Abdication
                                    $x Captivity
                                    $x Inaugurations
                                    $x Kidnapping

Subdivisions to be deleted from lists of free-floating subdivisions:

                        H 1110, Names of Persons
                                    $x Abdication, [date]
                                    $x Assassination attempt, [date]

Note: covered by the existing free-floating subdivision –Assassination attempts

      $x Captivity, [dates]
      $x Inauguration
      $x Kidnapping, [date]


Cancellation of selected multiple subdivisions

As part of the LCSH multiples cancellation project, five free-floating multiple subdivisions have been cancelled (see above under Subdivisions to be deleted from lists of free-floating subdivisions). Each cancelled multiple subdivision has been replaced by an unqualified free-floating subdivision.

A statistical analysis showed that the cancelled multiple subdivisions were rarely used. As of October, for example, OCLC WorldCat included only 502 unique headings based on the subdivision –Captivity, [dates]. Those 502 unique headings appeared in only 3,044 bibliographic records, of which 1,550 were for works on Napoleon Buonaparte – in a database of over one billion bibliographic records. Therefore, PSD determined that the utility of the multiples is vastly outweighed by the maintenance problems that would result from adding approximately 500 personal name headings to LCSH in order to establish each heading authorized by the multiples.

PSD may cancel additional multiple subdivisions as the project proceeds, when that action is merited by statistical and cost/benefit analyses.
Other decisions:

Armenia—Social conditions—1991-

There is no dispute that 1991 was a significant date in the history of Armenia, as it was for all of the Eastern European countries.  However, SHM H 2055 explicitly states that –Social conditions—20th century and –Social conditions—21st century free-float in this circumstance. It further states, “Establish new subdivisions for other significant periods under headings of the type [place]--Social conditions where there is sufficient material to warrant it.” There are 10 titles in LC’s catalog under Armenia (Republic)—Social conditions—20th century, --21st century, and 1991- (which was used but never authorized). In the proposing library’s catalog, there are only three.  The small number of titles does not equate to “sufficient material” to warrant establishing a new period, particularly in light of the free-floaters available. The proposal was not approved.

Authors, Lushai

The cataloger provided no description in English. The proposal may be resubmitted with information in English that explains the relationship of the proposal to the work being cataloged.

Baltic Sea Region

Regions free-float with bodies of water, per H 760. Also, per H 760 sec. 1.e(1), regions can be established if they are well known by alternative name forms. The clear inference here is that the heading would be the alternative name. All of the authoritative references provided – including the work being cataloged -- use Baltic Sea Region. Wikipedia is the only source cited that uses Baltic Region and Baltic Rim, two of the UFs. The third UF is a Romanized form from a Cyrillic language and is not provided according to general policy. The final UF is for an acronym, and acronyms are generally not provided as UFs for geographic headings. The proposal was not approved.

Baré Indians

There was no English provided. There also was no research, including no support for the name of the tribe or their location (the latter is needed for the BTs). The proposal may be resubmitted.

Basic income

In LCSH, the heading Guaranteed annual income has been used for this concept for years. The usage has changed over time, however, and the meeting decided to change the existing heading to Basic income. The proposal was not necessary.

Bodrum Kalesi (Bodrum, Turkey)

The information provided does not support the choice of qualifier. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Bossi family

There is a UF Bossi family on the existing heading Boso family, which should be assigned instead. The proposal was not necessary.

Burundian diaspora

It is unclear whether the work being cataloged is about the process of moving from Burundi, or about Burundians who have settled elsewhere. The cataloger should provide additional information to clarify the situation. The proposal may be resubmitted.


This proposal should be resubmitted with the proposal for Burundian diaspora.

Cae Hir Gardens (Wales)

This proposal was marked resubmit on list 1808 because the garden was identified as being in Cribyn, Wales, and Cribyn was not established in the NAF. Instead of establishing the place, the cataloger removed the information about the location of the garden from the record. That would be fine if it turned out that the information was faulty or misleading. However, every indication of the location of the garden has been removed from the proposal. Stating that the garden is a “Welsh garden with a Dutch history” does not provide information on the garden’s location, because it could be stylistically Welsh – as the second, incorrect, BT states. The second BT is incorrect because LC subject headings for gardens do not include a BT that represents the garden’s style. The proposal may be resubmitted again.

Drama—History and criticism

The UFs being added, Drama criticism and Play criticism, are not equivalent to the heading. The heading is for criticism of drama as literature, while the UFs could mean the literature or the staged performance. This is one of the original LCSH headings that has survived for over 100 years without those UFs. The proposal was not approved.

Khayo (African people)

The proposal did not show any research to support the name or location of this ethnic group. The proposal is also missing its BTs. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Nigeria, North East

According to H 760 sec. 1.e(6), regions with directional qualifiers can be established if they are well-defined and generally recognized in English-language reference sources.  The cataloger provided usage, but no authoritative reference sources. Only the citations for the work being cataloged and Wikipedia provided information about the extent of the “region.” Authoritative reference sources such as Britannica, Columbia Gazetteer, and World Book do not include reference to northeastern Nigeria. A citation from Wikipedia is not sufficient. The proposal was not approved.


Authorship—Collaboration has the UFs Collaboration in literature and Collaborative authorship, which cover the authorship of plays.  In fact, works about the collaboration of playwrights have been assigned Authorship—Collaboration along with either a qualified drama heading (e.g., English drama) or Playwriting.  That practice should continue, otherwise the file for works on the same topic would be split. The proposal was not approved.

Portugal—Economic policy—20th century; Portugal—Economic policy—21st century

Only the Portuguese title of the work being cataloged was provided. The cataloger should provide information in English that shows the relationship of the work to the headings being proposed.

Further, almost every chronological subdivision established under –Economic policy in LCSH is based on significant dates and is not just a century subdivision.  That, combined with the fact that H 1110 does not provide for centuries under –Economic policy, indicates that the preference is for specific spans, not centuries.  If the cataloger can find authoritative reference sources to show that the economic policy of Portugal underwent a significant shift sometime in the 20th century, a fleshed-out proposal for a particular time period may be resubmitted.

Skirvin Hotel (Oklahoma City, Okla.)

Hotels should be established as corporate bodies in the NAF (per H 405). The variations in the name of this hotel are due to different corporate management, but the name Skirvin Hotel represents the building and the corporate body that occupies it, and as such should be established in the NAF (per H 1334, Background).  The proposal was not approved.

Synagogues in art

The information that was supplied in the 952 field Cataloger’s note should be included in a 670 so that it is permanently accessible information in support of the proposal. In addition, the 008/06 should be coded Not Subd Geog. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Tajik imprints

Nothing in the proposal supports the adjective “Tajik.” The language of the imprints cannot be assumed from the title of the catalog of those imprints. The proposal may be resubmitted with additional information that explicitly identifies the language.

Toulon (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France)—History

Toulon is established as Toulon (France) in the NAF. The proposal was not approved.

Volynʹ Massacres, Volhynia, Ukraine, 1943

The date and geographic qualifiers are not supported by the 670s, and neither is the WWII BT. The heading and UFs are lightly supported by the citations, but the proposal provides no description in English of the massacres. Also, the cataloger provided a Google search, but should have either given hit counts or the names of the web sites that were found instead. The proposal may be resubmitted.



Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.




Dramatic literature is not a phrase in common use, and it also means “literature that is dramatic” (which is not the same thing). The proposal was not approved.

Drama criticism; Dramatic criticism

According to the scope notes, Drama criticism would be used for criticism of drama as a literary form, while Dramatic criticism would be used for criticism of drama as presented on the stage.  The extraordinarily high level of similarity of these terms would cause them to be incorrectly assigned, despite the scope notes. Additionally, LCGFT already includes the term Theater reviews, and the meeting felt that there is little, if any, difference between theater reviews and dramatic criticism.

Criticism of fiction, drama, and poetry is the same in form, and some monographs combine criticism of all three (e.g., the theme of medicine in early modern British fiction, drama, and poetry). The term Literary criticism should be assigned instead.  The proposal for Drama criticism was not approved.

Further, the proposal for Dramatic criticism was not approved, but additional UFs have been added to the existing term Theater reviews.
Film criticism

The meeting felt that there is little or no difference in the meaning of the term Film criticism and the existing term Motion picture reviews. Further, the 670s indicate that the term would be used for both criticism of screenplays and criticism of the works that used to be released on reel-to-reel film. Criticism of a screenplay would fall under literary criticism because it is criticism of the “play.” (See the related discussion of Drama criticism above.) The proposal was not approved.
Hip-hop (Music)

Much of popular music is songs and the meeting does not wish to begin adding a UF [type of music] songs or the BT Songs to every term. The proposal was not approved.

Rap (Music)

The relationship between rap and hip-hop is not hierarchical: not all rap is hip-hop and not all hip-hop is rap. The proposal was not approved.



Changes were made as indicated on the approved list.














   Authority records cancelled+






Not necessary






Not approved


















*The number of proposals approved is approximate and may change slightly during the final processing of the Approved List.

+The number of authority records cancelled is also included in the total number of proposals approved.