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February 19, 2018

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young



In accordance the decision about the subject proposal Psychoanalysis and law, this classification proposal was not necessary. See below, under Psychoanalysis and law, for details.


The cataloger’s note indicated that this proposal was made to revise the existing classification number BL2017.421 because cutters cannot end in the numeral “1.” This classification number is a decimal and does not include a cutter number. The proposal was not necessary.


This classification proposal may be resubmitted with a resubmitted subject proposal. See below under Idāwsmlāl (Berber tribe) for details.


This classification proposal may be resubmitted with a resubmitted subject proposal. See below under Wesak on postage stamps for details.


Universiti Teknologi Malaylsia is a technical university and works about it should be classified in T173.A-Z. The proposal was not approved.


The work being cataloged is about a band and should be classified in ML1351.C76-.C769. The proposal was not necessary.


The subject headings assigned to the work being cataloged are inconsistent, making it difficult to determine whether this classification proposal should be approved. The first subject heading assigned, Heart in literature, is used for literary criticism about heart as a theme in literature. The second, Persian literature, indicates that the work is a collection of Persian literature (not criticism). The classification number proposed is for literary criticism. A proposal may be resubmitted after the subject cataloging is revised to reflect the contents of the work.


This classification proposal may be resubmitted with a resubmitted subject proposal. See below under Proverbs, Nadu for details.

TT778.C43; TT778.S38

Classification proposals are made when needed for works being cataloged. Neither of these two proposed classification numbers was assigned in the bib record for the work. The proposals were not necessary.


Highs (Meteorology)

Anticyclone is synonymous with meteorological high, and not a type of meteorological high. The existing heading Anticyclones was revised to High pressure systems (Meteorology). The proposal for Highs (Meteorology) was not approved.


The heading Authorship is often misconstrued to refer only to authorship of belles lettres. The meeting believes that adding the upward UFs Literary authorship and Literature—Authorship would exacerbate the problem, negating any positive effect of the references. The proposal was not approved.

Colombia—History—Coup d’état, 1854

The source citations provided in the proposal indicate that there was more than one coup in Colombia in 1854, but it is unclear which one is needed as a subject heading for the work being cataloged. The citations should be clarified and the proposed heading should be revised to include the specific date of the coup intended (see SHM H 1878 for guidance). The proposal may be resubmitted.

Düsseldorf school of photography

The citation for the work being cataloged seems to indicate that it is about a group of artists, but the Grove citation provided clearly states that the Düsseldorf school is distinct from the group of artists of the same name. It seems that the Düsseldorf school originally referred to artists with the same university background, but expanded beyond that definition.

Two headings – one for the school and one for the artist group – should be proposed if the work is about both entities. If not, the citations in the record should be revised to unambiguously support the choice of a single heading. The proposal may be resubmitted. 
Egypt—History—Third dynasty, ca. 2686-ca. 2613 B.C.

This proposal was made to revise the existing heading Egypt—History—Third dynasty, ca. 2649-2575 B.C. The difference in the date spans is less than 100 years, for a time period over which scholars disagree. Some authoritative sources indicate that the third dynasty was part of the Old Kingdom, and others that it was part of the early dynastic period that followed. Further, the sources indicate that the dynasty began anywhere from 2687-2649 B.C. and ended sometime between 2615 and 2575 B.C.

This is precisely the situation for which “circa” dates were devised, and a difference of less than 100 years, for a period that ended several millennia ago, is not a valid reason for revising the heading. Further, the heading was not needed for a work, which was a novel about the fourth dynasty. The proposal was change for change’s sake. The proposal was not approved.

Goddesses, Afro-Caribbean

The title of the work being cataloged indicates that it is about Afro-Cuban goddesses, not Afro-Caribbean goddesses in general. The heading proposed should be reconsidered, and a summary of the work being cataloged should be provided in the citations. In addition, existing headings for goddesses from that region should be evaluated to determine whether they should be NTs of the proposed heading, per H 200 sec. 8.d. A proposal for either Goddesses, Afro-Caribbean or Goddesses, Afro-Cuban may be resubmitted, along with proposals to revise the hierarchy of existing headings as necessary.

Horticultural Hall (Boston, Mass. : 1845-1860); Horticultural Hall (Boston, Mass. : 1865-1901); Horticultural Hall (Boston, Mass. : 1901- )

According to H 1334 sec. 3.c, when multiple buildings in the same city have the same name, the street name should be used as a qualifier. (Dates are used for successive buildings of the same name in the same location). Some of the streets on which these buildings were/are located are not yet established in LCSH. Proposals for the buildings known as Horticultural Hall may be resubmitted, along with proposals for the streets as necessary.

Humorous recitations

The meeting prefers to continue the current practice of providing additional headings to bring out the geographic provenance of the recitations, rather than geographically subdividing Humorous recitations. The work may be cataloged with the headings Dutch drama (Comedy); Humorous recitations; and, if desired, Monologues, Dutch. The proposal to geographically subdivide Humorous recitations was not approved.

Idāwsmlāl (Berber tribe)

The qualifier and one of the BTs indicate that this ethnic group is a Berber tribe, but the citations do not support that conclusion. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Ironwood Forest National Monument (Ariz.)

This proposal was made to provide a Spanish-language UF. According to H 690, UFs for parks are made for English-language forms of name when the heading is not in English.  They are also made for forms of name in other official languages of the country where the feature is located, or forms of name in the languages of countries that previously controlled the feature.  Although Mexico previously controlled the area that is now Arizona, the park itself (that is, the feature) was never controlled by Mexico. Therefore, Spanish is not a pertinent language for the feature. The proposal was not approved.

Jiangjia Ravine (China)

The citation for the work being cataloged states that the Jiangjia is a tributary to the Xiaojiang River, making it appear that a heading for the river is needed instead of a heading for the ravine (a ravine is a type of valley).  Further, H 800 sec. 8 states that if the river is not yet established, a heading for the river should be proposed at the same time as the heading for the valley. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Libya—Politics and government—1969-2011

This proposal was made to revise the existing heading Libya—Politics and government—1969- . A new span should be opened whenever a date span is closed, but a heading for the politics and government of Libya since 2011 was not proposed. Proposals of this type should also be supported by more than a statement from the work being cataloged; in this case, the CIA World Fact Book includes a useful summary of events.
Finally with regard to the subject proposal: 230 titles were reported for bibliographic file maintenance, but the no information about which records to revise, and how, was provided. In some of the records, the existing heading will just need to be updated; in others, headings for the 1969-2011 and 2011- spans will both need to be assigned; and in others, only the heading for the post-2011 period should be assigned.  The desired outcome for each of the affected records should be clearly provided to PSD.

In addition, there was not a proposal to revise the classification schedule at DT236 to correspond to this subject proposal. The cataloger should consider whether such a revision would be useful.

Proposals for the 1969-2011 and post-2011 periods may be resubmitted along with BFM, and with classification proposals if desired.

Machiguenga Indians

This proposal was made to add several variant names as UFs. Those variant names were not supported in the citations; instead, a cataloger’s note indicated that no evidence of those names could be found, and the UFs were made based on citations in the record for Machiguenga language because by policy the UFs in the language and ethnic group headings have to agree. There is no such policy, although that situation is considered desirable. UFs for ethnic groups need to be supported in the record for the ethnic group. The proposal may be resubmitted.


Works about relationships between Jews and Muslims are assigned the headings Judaism—Relations—Islam and Islam—Relations—Judaism. While the meeting recognizes that personal relationships among Jews and Muslims are not the same as the relationship between the religions, having separate headings for the two concepts would be problematic when assigning headings. The proposal was not approved.

Orthodox Jews—Relations—Nontraditional Jews; Orthodox Jews; Nontraditional Jews

It appears that the proposals Orthodox Jews and Nontraditional Jews were submitted only as support for the proposal Orthodox Jews—Relation—Nontraditional Jews. The relationship between Orthodox and nontraditional Jews is brought out with the existing heading Orthodox Judaism—Relations—Nontraditional Jews. The proposals were not necessary.

Parsonage (Staten Island, New York, N.Y.)

A cataloger’s note in the proposal explains that Staten Island was included in the qualifier for this building because there is another structure named Parsonage in New York City. Brief information about the existence of the “other” Parsonage should be provided in a 670 or 675 field, not in a cataloger’s note. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Permian Aquifer

There is not an aquifer of this name. Instead, Permian aquifer is a collective appellation for aquifers in Permian-age rock formations. The work being cataloged in this proposal was cited in 2016 by the same library as support for the proposal for Appalachian Plateaus Physiographic Province. That heading was approved and is appropriate for the work. The proposal Permian Aquifer was not approved.

Proverbs, Ndau

This proposal was originally marked “resubmit” on List 11 (2017). The Summary of Decisions for that list stated, “The proposal provided no information in English with which the meeting could evaluate the heading. The proposal may be resubmitted.”

The resubmitted proposal still does not include an English-language description of the work being cataloged. The proposal may be resubmitted again.

Provincetown Harbor (Mass.)

While GNIS was cited in the proposal, the numerous variant names provided there were not. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Psychoanalysis and law

According to H 310, headings in the form [topic A] and [topic B] are used for works that discuss the relationship between two very general topics from the perspectives of both topics. The work being cataloged is about the relevance of psychology to law, but not the reciprocal. The heading Law—Psychological aspects should be assigned. The proposal was not necessary.

Rome and Vienna airport attacks, 1985

SHM H 1592 indicates that event headings may be established for events that have conventional proper names. The airport attacks in Italy in 1985 do not appear to have a conventional proper name. Instead, the heading proposed is merely a collective appellation. The headings Terrorist attacks and Bombings, appropriately subdivided, may be assigned to the work being cataloged along with the headings for the airports. The proposal was not approved.

Susskind family

The citation for the work being cataloged refers to the Sieskind family and the citation for Dictionary of American Family Names lists the name Susskind and several variant spellings of Susskind. Sieskind is not one of those variants, so it is unclear why the heading Susskind was chosen. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Wesak on postage stamps

Only the title of the work being cataloged, “Miniature sheet album, Vesak” was provided in support of this proposal. The proposal may be resubmitted with information that supports the “on postage stamps” portion of the heading. 


Holocaust films

The Holocaust is the topic of the films, and not a genre. It should be brought out with the subject heading Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)—Drama, along with one or more genre/form terms appropriate to the works (e.g., Historical films). The proposal was not approved.

Musical comics

The citations in this proposal refer to several different types of works. Some of the citations appear to be for biographical comics about musicians, and should be assigned the genre/form term Biographical comics along with a subject heading for the person or musical group discussed. Other works that were cited illustrate the lyrics of songs, and may be assigned the genre/form term Comics (Graphic works) along with a descriptive access point for the work being illustrated. Still others are in the series Musical comics. Finally, citations indicate that some “musical comics” capture the style of the musical artists through their graphics. None of this proves that there is a definable genre or form of musical comics. The proposal was not approved.

Utopian fiction

This proposal was made to add a UF Eutopian fiction, based on a single phrase that appeared on page 20 of a reference book on science fiction. A Google search on the phrase yielded only 415 hits. Instruction sheet J 190 in the genre/form manual states that all other equivalent words and phrases found while conducting research should be added as UFs. This instruction should not be interpreted to mean that literally every equivalent phrase found should be added. Instead, UFs should be made for equivalent phrases that are common enough that a reasonable person can imagine a typical library user searching for them. The proposal was not approved.