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September 14, 2015

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young


The 150 approved terms on this list comprise the second portion of the literature genre/form terms that were proposed for LCGFT by the ALA/ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee’s Subcommittee on Genre/Form Implementation, which formed the Working Group on LCGFT Literature Terms.


PSD is not yet accepting proposals for new terms, or for revisions to the terms that were approved on this list.

Application of terms and effect on LCSH

There are no plans to cancel any LCSH headings or form subdivisions that overlap in meaning with the literature genre/form terms, because the subject headings will continue to be valid for works about the genres and forms. 
LC subject headings should continue to be assigned according to the instructions in the SHM, which have not changed.  Genre/form terms may be assigned in addition to the subject headings. Example:

100 1# $a George, Elizabeth, $d 1949-
245 10 $a I, Richard : $b stories of suspense / $c Elizabeth George.
650 #0 $a Detective and mystery stories, American.
655 #7 $a Detective and mystery fiction. $2 lcgft 

The Library of Congress’ Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access directorate, which catalogs most of the textual works acquired for the Library’s general collections, has not yet decided when it will implement genre/form terms for literature in new cataloging. A separate announcement will be made when the date has been determined.