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February 2, 2015

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young


List 14 comprised the initial 567 genre/form terms for musical works. The music genre/form project is a partnership undertaken by PSD and the Music Library Associations’ Bibliographic Control Committee, Form/Genre Task Force. PSD thanks the members of the Task Force for their time and effort. Special thanks are also due to MARCIVE, Inc., which created MARC records for the proposals from a Word document provided by the Task Force.


The Task Force and PSD continue to collaborate on approximately 150 more terms that do not appear on Tentative List 1514. As the issues with those terms are resolved, proposals for them will be published and approved on future Tentative Lists according to the standard practice. LC catalogers and members of the Subject Authority Cooperative (SACO) program will also be able to propose new genre/form terms for music, as well as revisions to existing terms. PSD will separately announce the date on which it will begin to accept proposals for new and revised genre/form terms for musical works from LC and SACO contributors.

Application of terms and effect on LCSH

There are no plans at this time to cancel any LCSH headings or form subdivisions that overlap in meaning with the music genre/form terms.  Multiple issues will need to be resolved before such an action can be taken, and PSD will make announcements and request input from the library community before undertaking the project.  There is no timeline for the project.  For the foreseeable future, libraries who implement the music genre/form terms in their cataloging are encouraged to assign them in addition to subject headings.  Example:

100 1# $a Britten, Benjamin, $d 1913-1976.
245 14 $a The company of heaven : $b (1937), cantata for speaker(s), soprano solo, tenor solo, chorus (SATB), timpani, organ, and strings.
650 #0 $a Cantatas, Sacred $v Scores.
650 #0 $a Michelmas music.
655 #7 $a Cantatas. $2 lcgft
655 #7 $a Sacred music. $2 lcgft
655 #7 $a Michaelmas music. $2 lcgft
655 #7 $a Scores. $2 lcgft