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January 12, 2015

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young


List 13 comprised the initial “general” genre/form terms, which describe works such as abstracts, dictionaries, periodicals, and yearbooks, which are not specific to a particular discipline. Also included were some other terms that do not fall neatly into a particular discipline (e.g., Logic puzzles; Passenger lists).  


PSD is not yet accepting proposals for new “general” genre/form terms, or for revisions to the terms approved on this list. The moratorium on proposals will allow policy specialists to systematically revise references, scope notes, etc., on the existing genre/form terms in order to fully integrate the “general” terms into them. The date after which proposals will be accepted will be announced.

Application of terms and effect on LCSH

There are no plans at this time to cancel any of the LCSH headings or form subdivisions that overlap in meaning with the “general” terms. Libraries choosing to implement the “general” terms in their cataloging should assign them in addition to subject headings. Examples:

100 1# $a Adler, David A.
245 10 $a George Washington : $b an illustrated biography / $c by David A. Adler.
600 10 $a Washington, George, $d 1732-1799 $v Juvenile literature.
650 #0 $a Presidents $z United States $v Biography $v Juvenile literature.
655 #7 $a Biographies. $2 lcgft

100 1# $a Twain, Mark, $d 1835-1910.
240 10 $a Works. $k Selections
245 14 $a The wit and wisdom of Mark Twain / $c Mark Twain ; edited by Bob Blaisdell.
600 10 $a Twain, Mark, $d 1835-1910 $v Quotations.
650 #0 $a Quotations, American.
655 #7 $a Quotations. $2 lcgft

The Library of Congress’ Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access directorate, which catalogs most of the textual works acquired for the Library’s general collections, has not yet decided when it will implement the “general” genre/form terms in new cataloging. A separate announcement will be made when the date has been determined.