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December 12, 2015

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young



The classification proposal may be resubmitted along with a resubmitted subject proposal. See below under Karaite mourning customs for details.


The classification proposal may be resubmitted along with a resubmitted subject proposal. See below under Idolatry in rabbinical literature            for details.


Cutters in lists of geographic places are not generally printed and do not therefore need to be proposed (see CSM F 350). The proposal was not necessary.


According to its web site, the Red Earth Gallery displays the art of contemporary Indian artists. The work should be classified in N7305, 21st century Indic art. The proposal was not approved.

[PN6377.C742]; PN6377.T3

This proposal is for a number for Tatar riddles, and includes the note, “Including Crimean Tatar.” Since Crimean Tatar and Tatar are in different branches of the Turkic language family, the meeting would prefer to have separate numbers for riddles in those languages.
It is unclear which number is needed because notes in the bibliographic record and the proposal indicate that the resource being cataloged contains riddles in Crimean Tatar, while the subject headings indicate that it contains Tatar riddles and Crimean Tatar proverbs, and is about the Crimean Tatar language.  The cataloger is requested to reexamine the work and revise the subject headings appropriately (proposing a heading for Crimean Tatar riddles if necessary). A classification proposal for either Tatar riddles or Crimean Tatar riddles may be resubmitted. 


Alexander, Lake (Minn.)

This proposal was made to remove the natural-language UF. The reference is valid, according to H 690 sec. 10.a. The proposal was not approved.

 Alumni associations

The proposal listed several works about alumni associations, but they all appear to be about associations associated with a college or university. The heading Universities and colleges—Alumni and alumnae—Societies, etc. should be assigned. The proposal was not necessary.
Australia Day Regatta, Sydney, N.S.W.

The background statement in H 1592 states that events that are formally convened, directed toward a common goal, capable of being reconvened, and that have formal names, locations, dates, and durations that can be determined in advance of the event should be established in the name authority file. The proposal was not approved. In addition, existing headings for five other individual regattas have been cancelled from LCSH.

Baseball stories, Cuban (Spanish)

This proposal originally appeared on Tentative List 9 (2015), and the Summary of Decisions for that list stated, “Only the title of the work being cataloged was provided, and the title does not clearly indicate the relationship of the work to the proposed heading.  The meeting was therefore unable to evaluate the proposal, and requests that a brief summary of the book be provided in English. The proposal may be resubmitted.”

A statement saying that the resource is comprised of stories about baseball was added to the record, but information supporting the qualifier Cuban was not included. The meeting also requests that the cataloger reconsider the form of the heading, since headings for Spanish-language literature from Cuba do not have parenthetical qualifiers to denote the language (e.g., War stories, Cuban). The proposal may be resubmitted again.

Bryson-Paddock Site (Okla.)

The qualifier for an archaeological site consists of either the country in which the site is located (or the first-level administrative subdivision in the case of the exceptional countries), or the name of a city if the site is in a city (see H 1225 sec. 3). In order to support the qualifier chosen, the source citations should include information on the specific location of Bryson-Paddock Site (e.g., a city or county, or even a helpful statement such as “outside the city of …” or “[number] of miles from…”). The proposal may be resubmitted.

Communication in organizations

SHM H 370 sec. 1.e(3) states that for prepositional-phrase headings, the BT corresponds to the term(s) following the preposition. The addition of the BT Communication to the existing heading was not approved.

 Concrete poetry, Belgian; Concrete poetry, Dutch

The meeting was not able to evaluate these proposals because the source citation in each included only the Dutch title of the work being cataloged. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Eagle Mountain Mine (Calif.)

When establishing a heading for a mine, the preference is to provide a BT that indicates the product of that mine (e.g., Coal mines and mining—[place]), unless the mine produced several products.  In the latter case, the BT Mines and mineral resources—[place] is given. The information provided in the authority record should briefly indicate what was mined at Eagle Mountain Mine, and the BT should be revised if necessary. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Edwin Fox (Ship)

Headings for named ships are established in the name authority file, per SHM H 405. The proposal was not approved.

Idolatry in rabbinical literature

The title provided, Daily reflections on idolatry, was not enough information for the meeting to evaluate the proposal because there is not a clear relationship between the title and the proposal. Information from the work or a cataloger-supplied summary should be provided to show how that work relates to the topic of idolatry in rabbinical literature. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Indigenous peoples—South Africa; Blacks—South Africa; Blacks—Angola

These proposals were made to deprecate the headings Indigenous peoples—South Africa and Indigenous peoples—Angola in favor of Blacks—South Africa and Blacks—Angola, respectively.

Blacks is an ethnic group and Indigenous peoples is a class of persons. Although the indigenous peoples of South Africa and Angola are indeed black, the two headings are not synonymous.  The heading Blacks refers to blacks as an element of the population, and when a country is predominantly black – as South Africa and Angola are – it is used only for works that discuss blacks apart from other groups in the country. Indigenous peoples, meanwhile, is defined as “the aboriginal inhabitants either of colonial areas or of modern states where the aboriginal peoples are not in control of the government” (see the scope notes for Blacks and Indigenous peoples). 

The heading Indigenous peoples is valid for works about the colonial period in each country, as well as works about apartheid-era South Africa. It is not valid for works about post-1975 Angola and post-1994 South Africa.  The heading Blacks is valid for works about blacks as a distinct element of the population during any time period, and particularly those works that discuss the group from an ethnological, anthropological, socio-economic, etc., viewpoint.

A review of LC’s database showed that the headings are generally applied correctly.

The meeting recognizes that some general headings for the indigenous peoples of the Americas (e.g., Indians of Central America) have a UF in the form Indigenous peoples—[place], thereby conflating ethnic groups and classes of persons. That exceptional practice will be resolved as a separate issue.

The proposals were not approved because the deprecated headings are not synonymous with those proposed as replacements.

Jabel Samhan Nature Reserve (Oman)

According to H 1925, headings for parks and reserves are established in the vernacular of the country. This heading should therefore be established in Arabic. If the Arabic form of name cannot be found after doing appropriate research in Arabic-language sources, the cataloger should add a 675 field that includes information on the Arabic-language sources searched without success.  A 952 field (cataloger’s note) may also be added to explain the situation. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Karaite mourning customs

The meeting was not able to evaluate this proposal because the source citation included only the Hebrew title of the work being cataloged. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Karon (African people)

The source citations in this proposal include several variant names provided in Ethnologue that were not given as UFs. The proposal may be resubmitted with all of the appropriate UFs provided.

Nineteen fifteen, A.D.

SHM H 620 sec. 2.c states that general headings for centuries, years, etc., should be assigned “only to general works on the time period not limited to specific topics.” The work being cataloged is about World War I. The proposal was not necessary. 

Nord Island (Seychelles)

Like many geographic headings, the existing heading Nord, Île du (Seychelles) does not follow current policy with regard to language and form. Catalogers should concentrate on proposing new concepts and correcting factual errors that inhibit access, rather than making purely technical changes to otherwise valid headings. The proposal was not necessary.

Sex in video games

The meeting was not able to evaluate this proposal because the source citation included only the Italian title of the work being cataloged and a description of that work in Italian. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Shawnee Island (Pa.)

GNIS was cited for this proposal, but several variants that appear in GNIS, and that should therefore be UFs, were not included. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Speeches, addresses, etc., Norwegian

The only information provided in the record was the citation Kongeord, 2014, and an indication that the main entry is Harald V of Norway, neither of which bears an obvious relationship to the heading being proposed.  Information from the work being cataloged should be supplied to explain the relevance of the proposal to the work being cataloged. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Sudlon (Philippines)—History—Siege, 1899-1900

According to H 202, “Thorough authority research demonstrating that the term selected for the proposed heading is the appropriate one must be done for all concepts that are new to the LC subject heading system and outside the scope of simple and obvious pattern situations.” A siege is a new concept and the proposal should be supported with a citation to at least one reference source (in addition to the work being cataloged) that provides information about the siege. The proposal may be resubmitted.

Zolochiv Castle (Lʹvivsʹka oblastʹ, Ukraine)

The heading Zolochivsʹkyĭ zamok (Ukraine) was approved on Tentative List 6 (2015). The proposal was not necessary.

Yaminawa language  

Ethnologue was cited in support of this proposal, but a variant form that the reference source cites as being used in Bolivia was missed and should be a UF. In addition, the revision of the existing heading, Jaminaua language, requires classification proposals to adjust the caption at PM6253 and to make a reference from the new form of heading. The proposal may be resubmitted along with the classification proposals.

Bar journals

This proposal was made to add UF for variant terminology, but no evidence of usage was provided in support of those UFs. The proposal may be resubmitted.