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March 16, 2015

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: L, Dechman



DK949.5.A-Z consists of a list of cities, towns, etc. in Uzbekistan. Geographic names do not need to be editorially established, per CSM F 350 sec. 2. The proposal was not necessary.

DS51.B34; DS51.B77

DS51.A-Z consists of a list of Turkish provinces, regions, cities, islands, etc. Geographic names do not need to be editorially established, per CSM F 350 sec. 2. The proposals were not necessary.


Globalization has other aspects besides the social and should not be conflated with “society.”  Therefore, a new number in the area of GV1588+ should be proposed for Globalization (GV1588.43 was suggested).  The proposal may be resubmitted.


“Chicken” has always been conflated with “Poultry” in HD9437-HD9437.5, and creating a new number for it now would not be feasible.  A note will be added to HD9437-HD9437.5.  The proposal was not approved.


Refugee relief for internally displaced persons should be classed with the country providing the relief.  Instead use HV640.4.M6 (for Mexico), which is a number that would not require a proposal.  The proposal was not approved.


Works about the political activity of a class of persons are generally classed with the Ethnography number in the history of the country.  Since this work is about minorities in France in general, it should class in DC34.  The proposal was not necessary.


The Masumiyet Müzesi is a literary museum of displays related to the novel of the same title by Orhan Pamuk, and should be classed with the novel in PL248.P34 M37+, for which a proposal is not necessary.  The proposal was not approved.


The work is not about Cabala in world poetry, it is about Cabala in the poetic works of four Spanish-language authors, two from Spain and two from Argentina. The work should be classed in PQ6098.A-Z, for which a proposal should be made.  A proposal may be resubmitted.

PQ8549.A-Z; PQ8549.A1A-.A1Z

The “anonymous literary work” being discussed in the work cat is not literary.  It is a monograph about the state of Venezuelan literature, sciences, and arts in 1895.  LC’s copy has been classed at F2308.  The proposals were not approved.


Hierarchy should not be built into topical Cutter number developments unless this practice is already well established (CSM F 350 sec. 4).  There are only two numbers in the Cutter list at TA455.A-Z that have hierarchies in them, and the meeting did not wish to perpetuate that practice in the other numbers in TA455.  The proposing library should consider two options; either add a note “Including ultra-high-temperature ceramics” in TA455.C43; or propose a separate number for Ultra-high-temperature ceramics (TA455.U+) with a reference to TA455.C43.  The proposal may be resubmitted.


Agriculture, Prehistoric

The term “farming” is a UF on the heading Agriculture, therefore, it should not be added as a variant on other agriculture headings.  The proposal was not approved.

Catechisms, Polish

The proposal does not seem to match the work cataloged.  The title is in Polish and translates to:  “John Paul II's pilgrimage to the homeland: teaching and history.”  The cataloger should provide information from the book showing that the heading was necessary.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Children and science

The work being cataloged is not a work broadly discussing the relationship between children and science from the perspectives of both subjects (SHM H 310 sec. 1); it is about teaching science in an engaging way to young children.  The existing heading Science—Study and teaching (Early childhood) should be assigned instead.  The proposal was not approved.

Chinese teachers

The work is a study guide for a test for those who want to teach Mandarin Chinese. The work is not about certification of teachers of Mandarin Chinese as the first subject heading assigned, Chinese teachers—Certification, indicates. The second heading assigned to the work, Chinese teachers—Examinations—Study guides, is also incorrect because the subdivision –Examinations has a note specifically stating that it should not be used with classes of persons unless the topic cannot be established.  The work should be cataloged as Chinese language—Examinations—Study guides, which is a free-floating construction.  A second heading could be Teachers—Examinations.  The proposal was not approved.

Computer science teachers

The work is a study guide for a test for those who want to teach Computer science.  The work should be cataloged as Computer science—Examinations—Study guides.  A second heading could be Teachers—Examinations.

The proposal was not approved.

Figure skating choreographers

This proposal included UFs for choreographers of ice dancing. The meeting does not wish to conflate choreographers of figure skating with those of ice dancing. (See the Minutes of List 1502 for a similar decision about the proposal for Figure skating choreography.) Proposals for two separate headings may be resubmitted.

Henrichsen family

According to the Dictionary of American Family Names, 2003, Henrichsen is a variant of Hendricks, for which a subject heading already exists.  “Henrichsen family” will be added as a UF on Hendricks family.  The proposal was not approved.

Jesuit universities and colleges

This proposal was submitted with no BFM reported; LC has some of the titles cited in the 670s and there are also other works in the LC database that are specifically about Jesuit institutions.  The proposal may be resubmitted along with the associated BFM.

Kiĭ (Legendary character)

Headings for legendary characters should be established in the name authority file using RDA instructions (see the announcement in the Summary of Decisions, Editorial Meeting 13/08).  A cancellation proposal for Kiĭ (Legendary character) should be resubmitted after the name is established.

Muckross House (Ireland)

The existing heading Muckross Gardens and Arboretum (Ireland) represents the same entity as the proposed heading, therefore, the existing heading should be revised.  The proposal was not approved.

Names, Hmong; Names, Kirghiz

The works being cataloged appear to be limited to personal names.  The headings should be Names, Personal—Hmong and Names, Personal—Kirghiz, which free-float due to the multiple Names, Personal—Scottish, [Spanish, Welsh, etc.].  The proposals were not necessary.

Olympic champions

LCSH does not include “winners” or “champions” headings for sporting events; and this concept is not a new one.  A very few prize winners have classes of persons headings: Lottery winners; Women Nobel Prize winners; Balzan Prize winners; Nobel Prize winners.  There are no classes of persons with “champions” and the meeting does not wish to begin the pattern.  The works being cataloged can be cataloged like all other works on Olympic gold medalists have been:  Olympic athletes—Biography; a heading for the particular sport; the name heading for the particular Olympic Games, if appropriate.  The proposal was not approved.


There is already a general see also reference from Publishers and publishing to the subdivision –Publishing under types of published materials.  SHM H 370 sec. 1.a.3, states that a specific reference should not be made in this case.  The proposal was not approved.
Political participation

The subdivision –Political activity should not be free-floating under headings for religious sects.  It does free-float under individual Christian denominations, but Christian denominations have an element of corporateness about them, therefore they can be actors. The Catholic Church as an institution can definitely engage in political activity and so can Methodists, Baptists, the Congregational Church, etc.  The Bahai Faith is not an actor; it does not have corporateness, therefore it cannot do anything, like engage in political activity. Neither can Buddhism do anything (Buddhism, not Bahai Faith, is the pattern).  On the other hand, Buddhists can do something, as can members of any faith.  All of these are classes of persons, and –Political activity is therefore valid for use with them. A class of persons heading for the members of the Bahai Faith would be Bahai Faith members, which could be proposed, and could be used with –Political activity on a free-floating basis.  The proposal was not approved.

San Antonio River Basin (Tex.)

It appears that the river basin is equivalent to the watershed of the San Antonio River, not to a geological basin.  The heading for the watershed is already established.  The proposal was not necessary.

Silver Trail (Yukon)

The proposal needs to be filled in with more and more accurate information.  The LCCN for the work cat is invalid, and no title was provided.  The 675 provided looks as if it actually might be naming the work cat, but it is difficult to tell.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Theological anthropology—Bahai Faith

This proposal was not necessary because it is covered by the multiple Theological anthropology—Christianity, [Islam, etc.].



Futurist films

This is a genre from the early days of film, there were very few of them made, and only one is extant; therefore the meeting felt that the term is not necessary at this time.  The proposal was not approved.