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August 18, 2014

PSD policy specialist responsible for this list: J. Young



These proposals were made to arrange by publication date general works about religion in Korea.  While a standard practice in this portion of the schedule, the meeting does not see a compelling argument for instituting such a subarrangement now, when there are only approximately 130 works in the existing General works number.  The proposal was not approved.


Since the White Sea is in Russia, the work being cataloged should be classed at GN824.A-Z.  The proposal was not approved.


Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan is an agricultural research institute, not a university.  The work should be classed at SB542.A-Z.


Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1095, Free-floating subdivisions

$v Juvenile drama
$v Juvenile fiction
$v Juvenile humor
$v Juvenile poetry

These four subdivisions already appear in H 1095. Their use is being expanded include names of deities, mythological or legendary figures, and fictitious characters.

H 1160, Musical compositions

$x Philosophy and aesthetics

H 1180, Plants and crops

$x Effect of calcium on (May Subd Geog)

H 1195, Land vehicles

$x Motors $x Gaskets

Other decisions:

Bond, James (Fictitious character)—Art

Since the subdivision –Art free-floats under names of fictitious characters (see SHM H 1095), the heading Bond, James (Fictitious character) in art should be cancelled, not revised.  A substitute proposal has been prepared.  The proposal originally submitted was not approved.

Communist persecution

In LCSH, headings for persecutions take the form [group persecuted]—Persecutions, and the subdivision sometimes includes the name of the group doing the persecuting (e.g., Quakers—Persecutions; Gays—Nazi persecution).  The meeting does not wish to begin a new pattern by creating a heading focused on the group doing the persecuting.  Works about Communist persecution are generally assigned the headings Political persecution—[place] and Communists—[place], and that practice should be continued.  The proposal was not approved.

Cooking (Buffalo meat)

The UF being proposed for this existing heading, Cooking (American bison meat), is unnecessary because American bison meat is a UF for Buffalo meat.  In addition, the 053 (class number) being added to the record does not exist and has not been proposed. The proposal was not approved.   

Faculty expertise

Expertise is subject- or discipline-based, and tends not to be based on a job title or classification.  The works being cataloged may be assigned the heading Expertise along with either [name of university]—Faculty (in the case of a single institution) or Universities and colleges—Faculty (for multiple institutions). A subject heading for the subject area of the expertise may also be assigned, if applicable.  The proposal was not approved.

Grief and culture

According to SHM H 310, headings in the form [Topic A] and [Topic B] discuss “the relationship between the two topics from both perspectives” in very broad terms.  The work being cataloged appears to discuss the effect of culture on grief.  The meeting suggests that the heading Grief—Social aspects be assigned.  Alternately, a proposal for Grief—Anthropological aspects may be considered. The proposal was not approved.

Hats in mass media

An online summary of the work being cataloged indicates that it is about hats in television programs and on film, not in mass media in general.  Proposals for Hats on television and Hats in motion pictures may be resubmitted.

Inland Northwest National Wildlife Refuge Complex (Wash. and Idaho)

The website for the Complex seems to indicate that it is a corporate body that manages multiple national parks.  It is unclear whether the corporate body is called the Inland Northwest National Wildlife Refuge Complex, or if it has another name.  The organization’s name should be determined and established in the name authority file. The proposal was not approved.

Missions, African

This heading would be assigned to works on Christian ministries outside Africa that were commissioned by religious organizations within Africa for the purpose of evangelization.

Three titles were provided in support of the proposal.  The first, “African Pentecostalism and Transnationalism in the U.S.A.” appears to examine the missionary activities of American churches for African immigrants in the United States. The second, “Mission Giving in Southern African Black Churches,” appears to be chiefly about financial stewardship in churches. 

The proposed heading is inappropriate for both. 

The contents of the third work, “Reverse in Ministry and Missions,” are unclear. It seems to discuss European missions in Africa and the development of African churches in Europe, with a focus on the United Kingdom. If it is about African missions intended to evangelize in Europe, then the proposed heading is appropriate.  If it is about African churches established in Europe to serve the African immigrant community, it is not.

If the proposed heading is appropriate for the third work, then the proposal may be resubmitted, with a short summary of the work provided in the source citation.

Moroccan literature (Catalan)

Headings for national literatures qualified by language are generally established for the language(s) of the colonial power that used to control the territory (e.g., Gabonese literature (French)) and for the major literatures of countries with diverse linguistic traditions (e.g., Swiss literature (French); Swiss literature (German)). 

Morocco was a colony of Spain and then a protectorate of France.  Its official languages are Arabic and Tamazight, but several other Berber languages and French are widely spoken.  Catalan is neither the language of a former colonial power nor a major language of Morocco. 

According to SHM H 1156 section 2, Author Group Subdivisions, “for external author groups, that is, those living outside the country normally associated with the literature to which they are contributing, use simple geographic subdivision.”  The heading Catalan literature—Morocco should be assigned to the work being cataloged. The proposal was not approved.

Navajo pictorial textile fabrics

LCSH already includes the heading Navajo textile fabrics. Since recognized authorities on Navajo arts and crafts consider Navajo patterns to be pictorial, the meeting wonders whether the proposed heading would be redundant with the already-established one.  The meeting also notes the existence of the heading Pictorial rugs; online descriptions of the work being cataloged seem to imply that many of the crafts discussed are rugs. 

The cataloger should consider whether either Navajo textile fabrics or Navajo pictorial rugs (the latter of which would need to be proposed) would sufficiently describe the work.  If not, Pictorial textile fabrics should be proposed and assigned with Navajo textile fabrics.  The proposal may be resubmitted.

Self-destructive behavior in adolescence

This proposal was made to add the UF Self-injurious behavior in adolescence.  Self-destructive behavior and self-injurious behavior are not synonymous (see the scope notes for the base headings).  The proposal was not approved.

STEM occupations

The meeting realizes that “STEM” is a term in current use. However, the benefits of approving the proposal are outweighed by the problems created by the creation of overlapping headings. The proposal was not approved. 

Turquoise Trail (N.M.); New Mexico State Highway 14 (N.M.)

The extent of the Turquoise Trail is unclear from the citations provided in the proposal.  According to the information in the 670 field for the work cataloged, the trail consists of routes 14 and 536 in New Mexico, but also that it is a popular name for Route 14.  According to, the Turquoise Trail comprises some or all of New Mexico routes 14 and 536, but the citation provided for that website indicates that the Turquoise Trail is only Route 14.

The extent of the trail is important because if the Turquoise Trail is co-extensive with Route 14, then there should be a single heading for Route 14 and the trail, not a heading for each. If the trail is only a section of Route 14, then a heading for the trail and another for Route 14 are necessary.  Separate headings are also needed if the Turquoise Trail is on both routes 14 and 536. The citations in the record for the trail should be edited and clarified.

The meeting also notes that no evidence was provided supporting the form of the heading in the proposal for Route 14. If a proposal for Route 14 is resubmitted, the heading should be edited to conform to the stated usage in the 670s, or citations including the form State Highway 14 should be added to the record.

The proposals may be resubmitted.


Railroad sounds

This proposal was made to add a number of upward UFs to the existing term.  The meeting does not wish to add UFs for locomotive sounds or engine sounds because the list of possible “railroad sounds” is practically unending.  The proposal was not approved.